About Us

We are the #1 licensed agency that exclusively offers affordable medical insurance plans from Kaiser Permanente. We are able to provide you with accurate quotes whether you are an individual, family, or small business looking to fight the high costs involved in getting quality medical coverage. Check out our Customer Reviews page to see what people are saying about us or to add your own comments. At KaiserQuotes.com, you’ll find:

  • The lowest prices available on standard Kaiser Permanente coverage.
  • Live, expert support on health plans and enrollment.
  • Free online quotes with no obligation to buy.
  • Month-to-month billing where you can cancel at any time.
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Our Values

We are committed to you, our customer, to Kaiser Permanente, and to the staff at KaiserQuotes.com. Our core values include the following:

  • Make the process easy

    We want to make this process as painless as possible. You’ll be able to get quotes online or over the phone in a matter of minutes. Also, we give you the option to apply online or through a paper application.

  • Help people find the plan that fits them best

    For some, the key issue is price and for others, it’s benefits, but for most people it’s both. We aim to help you locate the health plan that fits your budget but also includes the coverage that matters to you.

  • Give personal and professional service that can be trusted

    At KaiserQuotes.com, it matters to us that your personal experience on our website and with our team is positive and productive. Whether you are a first-time shopper or an existing Kaiser Permanente member looking to switch plans, we will work together with you in finding the coverage that makes the most sense for your particular situation. We understand that the topic of medical insurance can be confusing and that health care can be a very personal matter. As benefit advisors, we will lend our expertise and help you make informed decisions. We won’t rush you into a plan and you won’t feel like a number. We’ll keep it personal and professional whether you are seeking health coverage for one individual or your business of up to 50 employees.

  • Support the happiness and overall well-being of those we serve

    Not having proper health care coverage can be stressful. In case of an emergency, you could be faced with serious expenses along with your physical problems. We want to help you get the benefits you need so you won’t rack up huge medical bills that become a burden to you and your family.

    Also, we believe in Kaiser Permanente! This health insurance carrier, beyond all others, is leading the way in medical science and quality of care. We want you to get your checkups and participate in the preventive care that could save your life. We want you to attend classes that will help you make decisions that will lead to greater longevity and a higher quality of life. Like Kaiser Permanente, we want you to thrive!

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