2011 Insurance Plans and Rates, What to Expect

To everything there is a season. With the advent of year 2011 around the corner, it is timely to review goals and revamp them or come up with new goals, as necessary. January is a good time to evaluate insurance plans as well. How well did your plan perform for you in year 2010? Are your rates going up shortly? For people who are on a deductible plan, January is an especially good time to go over your health plan because deductibles reset back to zero in January and you’ve got the next 12 months to meet the deductible. Also, verify that the deductible limit makes sense for the type of services you need.

For a number of insurance companies, the month of January marks rate increases for people who are not yet enrolled. If you start an insurance plan effective January 2011 or later, it’s likely that you’ll be affected by new rates. For Kaiser Permanente, a number of regional offices will be adjusting rates in January and July, starting in 2011. Once a person is enrolled, the rates are locked in, until the next January or July, in some regions. This means that in some states, if you enroll for an effective date of January 2011, your rate will be valid until January 2012. The rate will be unchanged unless you relocate or make other changes that impact your rate. A few Kaiser Permanente locations are decreasing rates; most are increasing. The average increase is approximately 10-15% of the previous rates.

In addition to rate modifications, some health insurance plans may be different from what they were in 2010. In compliance with the Health Reform law, insurance plans will allow members to receive preventive services without paying a fee.


Comment from Merrissere Lovett
Time: January 5, 2011, 12:08 am

Please can I get price quotes for rx’s. I picked up a rx today and the price was quite a bit more expensive than I expected. I’m from Colorado Springs, CO.

Comment from kaiserquotes
Time: January 11, 2011, 12:13 am

Thank you for your inquiry about the cost of prescription drugs. If you are looking for Kaiser Permanente medical coverage to help reduce the cost of your drugs, we do have some options on the individual and the group side. If you are a small business owner, you may qualify for group coverage. However, if you are a current Kaiser member, you may need to change plans if you would like to increase your coverage for prescription drugs.

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