Emergency Care

Maternity Coverage and the Million Dollar Baby

By Thomas Cazneau

Kaiser Permanente Maternity Delivery Recently, a couple from Australia received a million dollar hospital bill because their travel insurance did not cover pregnancy delivery outside of the couple’s country. The couple (John Kan and Rachel Evans) had purchased two travel type insurance packages because both insurance companies claimed to have maternity coverage. However, during their vacation to Vancouver, B.C, Rachel unexpectedly went into early delivery, and they found out that maternity services and baby delivery were not covered by either of these insurance packages. While they are overjoyed by their new daughter and do not begrudge their situation, any financial relief would be welcomed by any parents faced with a million dollar hospital bill.

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Kaiser Permanente Emergency Visit | A Mother’s Story

By Holly Davies

Picture of Kaiser member, Dean HallWhen my 16 year old son (who was camping) went to Kaiser Permanente for emergency eye surgery last month, I was anything but excited. He had already had retinal reattachment surgery two years prior. Now, his other eye needed the same surgery. But as concerned as I was about my son, I was pleasantly surprised and wowed by the Kaiser Permanente medical staff, and thankful for having had affordable medical insurance. Here are just a few parts of this event that I will never forget. Read more »

Is Auto Insurance a More Affordable Health Insurance Alternative?

Considering Health Insurance Coverage for a Car accidentI sell health plans, but when my auto insurance agent suggested that the Med Pay benefit of an auto insurance policy was the most affordable ‘medical plan’ that she could find, I had to rethink my idea of affordable health insurance.
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Natural Disaster Emergencies: Getting Your House in Order

In light of the recent natural disaster in Japan, no doubt many of us are prompted to reflect on our own readiness to withstand an emergency. We do not want to be fearful or in panic mode, but we do want to consider our own state of preparedness. Emergencies come without warning. There is wisdom in having a plan in place if an earthquake or other hazardous emergency comes about. For some, just having a medical kit or knowing what to do in an earthquake may be enough information to save a life. This article is intended to invite you to become aware of what your core needs are in the event assistance is not available, and to develop a plan to meet those needs.

Practical Preparedness
Take inventory of the types of things you need in order to maintain life. Food, water, and prescriptions come to mind.
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Medical Emergencies and You

“Expect the best but plan for the worst”, may not be a bad saying. People don’t often think about evaluating their emergency health plan. Sometimes, a visit to an emergency room is the first time people get acquainted with the emergency benefits of their insurance plan. Here are some key things to be aware of, to help determine the quality of your emergency plan, and also, to keep you well-informed so you know what to anticipate in the event of a medical emergency. If you do not already have health insurance, visit Affordable Medical Insurance for some helpful information.

What is a Medical Emergency?
In very general terms, a medical emergency would be a situation that presents a threat to life or limb, if immediate medical attention is not obtained. An emergency also includes a psychiatric condition which puts you or someone else in harm’s way, if it’s not addressed immediately. Most emergency insurance plans will cover you anywhere in the world, providing it’s a true emergency. Some common examples of a medical emergency are: shortness of breath, unconsciousness, bleeding that won’t stop.
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