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Kaiser Permanente Payment Processing is Broken in Covered California

By Stephen Saucier

Recently Kaiser Permanente has been experiencing significant problems related to accepting online binder payments in Covered California. This is affecting new customers enrolling through Covered California that have enrolled on a Kaiser Permanente Plan and are trying to submit the initial premium through the “Pay Now” button. If you’ve made an online payment for your Kaiser Permanente coverage through Covered California and the payment never showed up on your bank or credit card statement then it’s possible your payment was not successfully processed due to the system error.

Kaiser Permanente is aware of the issue, and is currently working to fix it. As of yet, there is no ETA If you have submitted an online premium payment through Covered California for your Kaiser enrollment; we suggest contacting Kaiser Member Services at 1-800-464-4000 to confirm it has been processed. And if not, to make payment so your coverage is activated.

It’s important to make sure that your initial premium payment is received on time in order to be sure that you coverage will begin on your desired effective date. So if you’ve walked through the payment process but are not 100% certain that your payment was processed successfully, then give member services a call today.

Free Video Resources and Podcast

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Kaiser Northwest Billing System Upgrade

What is changing?

Kaiser Permanente Northwest (Oregon and Washington) is updating their billing system, for Individuals and Family (KPIF) plan members who enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace. As part of the new system:

  • Your premium bills, payment stubs, and online payment portal will have a new look.
  • We will have new contact information.

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Health Benefits of Yoga

By Thomas Cazneau

When I first learned about Yoga, I was a bit skeptical. As an aspiring actor, many of the acting classes that I’ve taken have included Yoga exercises, some of them not complete without animal names. For the most part, I couldn’t understand the point of using animal-like charades as a warm-up.

Well, recently I found out that Yoga can actually offer several health and wellness benefits. Below are some of those benefits that I personally found to be more motivating to do Yoga on a more regular basis.

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Don’t Procrastinate. Get a Physical Exam.

By Angie Perez

In talking with friends and even my own family, I have found that a lot of people just don’t want to get an annual physical because…nothing is wrong! They feel great and have no need to see a doctor for an annual checkup. Unfortunately, the time to go is not when something is wrong, but rather before something is wrong. If you wait to go after something happens, then it can sometimes prove to be too late and costly. A simple yearly physical exam can keep the surprises at bay. The call is painless and the visit is well overdue…so call. What will it cost you? What is covered? What will they find? If you haven’t seen a doctor for over 5 years…you really need to make that call! To find out what’s included in a physical check-up at Kaiser Permanente, click Annual Physical Exams.
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Deadline for Lowest Health Insurance Rates

By Thomas Cazneau

There is usually a deadline when it comes to using a coupon. Whether the coupon is from your favorite restaurant, or perhaps from your preferred department store, the value on this colorful piece of paper eventually expires.

When it comes to getting low cost health insurance rates, there are no coupons, per se. However, like coupon prices, there is an expiration or deadline date for the current Kaiser Permanente affordable medical insurance rates for private plans in California. When the deadline date passes, the premiums will go up. For information on understanding healthcare prices and why plan rates go up, click Get Affordable Health Insurance Quotes Online.
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4 Steps to Avoid California Child Health Insurance Surcharge

By Esmer Mercado

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” the saying goes. Who doesn’t want to save as much money as possible during tight economic times like these? Everyone is familiar with couponing, discounts, sales, promotions and so forth. So I want to give you the scoop on what you need to know to get the cheapest health insurance premium when applying for a new child only policy in California. This would specifically relate to private health plans.
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California Health Insurance for Unemployed: Get Temporary Gap Plans for Between Jobs

Health Insurance for Unemployed

By Thomas Cazneau

What’s a Good Health Insurance Plan for an Unemployed Guy in California?
If you’re at all like me, you’re probably going to want cheap temporary health insurance while you’re in between jobs. Finding California Health Insurance for unemployed people can feel tricky, especially for those accustomed to having amazing employer health benefits.
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How Health Care Reform Could Affect You

By Thomas Cazneau

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act could have varying effects on Americans. Below is a summary of how health care reform could affect you, your family, or your business. For details, click Health Care Reform: Your Options Now and in 2014.

The Uninsured
One of the main mandates of the Health Care Reform is that, starting January 2014, most Americans and legal residents must obtain medical insurance. Affordable Care Act the UninsuredOtherwise, those who are uninsured will receive a penalty of $95 for one person or $285 per family or 1% of the income, whichever amount is greater. By 2016, the Health Reform penalty would go up to $2,085 per family or 2.5% of the income. For large companies of 50 employees or more, the penalty is $2,000 after the first 30 employees. Small businesses (less than 50 employees) are not required to offer health benefits.
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Colorado Child-Only Open Enrollment in July

By Esmeralda Mercado

Child health insurance in Colorado is easier to apply for, at least, in the month of July. This month, parents can enroll their kids by themselves, during Colorado’s semi-annual open enrollment period. During the Colorado child-only open enrollment, a medical policy can be obtained for a child on an individual basis; the child does not have to have a qualifying event, such as a new birth, adoption, or loss of coverage, etc. Outside of July, Colorado child applications will be honored only when the child is included on a family application with at least one parent or legal guardian, or, on a child-only basis but only if there is a life event. Once the July open enrollment is over, the next open enrollment for child health insurance in Colorado will be in January 2013.
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