Colorado Child-Only Open Enrollment in July

By Esmeralda Mercado

Child health insurance in Colorado is easier to apply for, at least, in the month of July. This month, parents can enroll their kids by themselves, during Colorado’s semi-annual open enrollment period. During the Colorado child-only open enrollment, a medical policy can be obtained for a child on an individual basis; the child does not have to have a qualifying event, such as a new birth, adoption, or loss of coverage, etc. Outside of July, Colorado child applications will be honored only when the child is included on a family application with at least one parent or legal guardian, or, on a child-only basis but only if there is a life event. Once the July open enrollment is over, the next open enrollment for child health insurance in Colorado will be in January 2013.
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Open Enrollment for Child Health Insurance in Colorado

By Esmeralda Mercado

Child Health InsuranceIt’s time for Kaiser Permanente’s open enrollment for child-only plans in Colorado. Twice a year, Kaiser has an open enrollment period when applications for kids only will be accepted, even if there is no qualifying event.

In Colorado, Children under age 19 may apply for Kaiser individual health insurance in a variety of ways:
• On a family plan with at least one parent or a legal guardian,
• As a dependent on a group plan,
• On a plan by himself or herself, providing the child had a qualifying event within 30 days of the application date. Examples of a qualifying event are: loss of coverage, adoption, newborn, court order, etc.
Every January and July, there is a fourth option. During open enrollment, Kaiser Permanente will accept child-only applications whether or not there has been a qualifying event. Applications received in January will be effective March 1st; those received in July will be effective September 1st. During the open enrollment, rates will continue to be subject to adjustments, if applicable.
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Kaiser Colorado Health Insurance for Children

Currently, a child under age 19 can obtain private health insurance through Kaiser Permanente by applying in one of two ways:
• Under a family application with at least one parent, or a legal guardian.
• On a single subscriber basis if there is a qualifying event.

During the month of August 2011, Kaiser Permanente will accept child-only applications even if there is no qualifying event. During this open enrollment period, child-only forms received in August will be approved for an October 1st effective date. If you are interested in enrolling your minor during the open enrollment, be sure to submit the application in August as it will be rejected if it is received before or after August, unless there is a qualifying event.
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High Honors for Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Kaiser Permanente is Colorado’s largest nonprofit health insurance plan. For 40 years, Kaiser Permanente Colorado has proudly aimed to improve the lives and health of residents in Denver, Boulder, and the southern Colorado areas.

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