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Group or Individual Insurance: Which is right for you?

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By Esmeralda Mercado

Is group or individual insurance best for you?

Many small businesses are pondering whether or not to offer health benefits. Below are some things to consider, whether you are the employer or an individual with/without group insurance:

Business Owners: What you need to know.
1. Most individuals are required to have health coverage in 2014, but businesses are not required to provide it. If you employ 50 or more full-time employees, you will be required to provide medical insurance in 2015.
2. Group rates may be cheaper than an individual & family plan in 2014. We suggest comparing your options. Read more »

How Health Care Reform Could Affect You

By Thomas Cazneau

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act could have varying effects on Americans. Below is a summary of how health care reform could affect you, your family, or your business. For details, click Health Care Reform: Your Options Now and in 2014.

The Uninsured
One of the main mandates of the Health Care Reform is that, starting January 2014, most Americans and legal residents must obtain medical insurance. Affordable Care Act the UninsuredOtherwise, those who are uninsured will receive a penalty of $95 for one person or $285 per family or 1% of the income, whichever amount is greater. By 2016, the Health Reform penalty would go up to $2,085 per family or 2.5% of the income. For large companies of 50 employees or more, the penalty is $2,000 after the first 30 employees. Small businesses (less than 50 employees) are not required to offer health benefits.
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Finding Replacement Health Insurance after Losing Group Insurance

Loss of Group Health InsuranceBy Thomas Cazneau

Loss of Group Insurance
A loss of group insurance benefits from an employer’s plan can present a hardship to anyone, whether it’s due to a job loss or because you are no longer eligible, or the employer is cancelling the plan. Often, lost group health insurance leads many employees to shop for private health insurance for the first time, and several have no idea where to start. Here are some recommended steps for those seeking individual health insurance.
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The New $40/$3000 Deductible Group Health Insurance Plan

Group Health Insurance for Business OwnersBy Esmeralda Mercado

I work for a health insurance agency that sells Kaiser Permanente Group Health insurance for self- employed people and other small businesses. Recently, Kaiser Permanente introduced a new California group health insurance plan that I’m really impressed with. It shows Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to helping consumers and current members get a medical plan that fits their medical service needs without breaking their pocketbook.

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Kaiser Group Health Insurance Special Open Enrollment

By Esmeralda Mercado

Business Health Insurance The company I work for offers health benefits with Kaiser Permanente. Recently, we learned that California businesses which are currently insured by Kaiser for group health insurance may be able to switch plans effective January 2012, if they qualify. This is a big deal for people who want to lower their premiums and those who want to synchronize their benefits with the deductible reset in January. To switch plans during the limited Special Open Enrollment period, two of the main qualifiers are that the plan switch has to be to a downgraded plan and the paperwork needs to be turned in by the December 15, 2011 deadline.
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5 Tips to Keep Sick Employees from Hurting Your Bottom Line

As an employer, should you be concerned about an employees’ well-being? Before you answer ‘no’, consider the five ways below on how an employees’ health affects your bottom line:

1. When an employee is out sick, customers end up having to wait. Inconvenienced customers often end up becoming someone else’s customer.

2. When workers are absent, the staff that picks up the extra work frequently end up overworked and stressed. Stress is known to contribute to a number of ailments and complications that could lead to illness. Pretty soon, these employees are taking time off themselves.

3. Stressed workers are more apt to get snappy with customers, which translates to more lost business. As a business owner, your profitability and also your reputation as a business are affected. Sickly employees and absenteeism can lead to bad publicity.
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