Colorado Child-Only Open Enrollment in July

By Esmeralda Mercado

Child health insurance in Colorado is easier to apply for, at least, in the month of July. This month, parents can enroll their kids by themselves, during Colorado’s semi-annual open enrollment period. During the Colorado child-only open enrollment, a medical policy can be obtained for a child on an individual basis; the child does not have to have a qualifying event, such as a new birth, adoption, or loss of coverage, etc. Outside of July, Colorado child applications will be honored only when the child is included on a family application with at least one parent or legal guardian, or, on a child-only basis but only if there is a life event. Once the July open enrollment is over, the next open enrollment for child health insurance in Colorado will be in January 2013.

There are some differences in how health insurance carriers are handling the Colorado child-only open enrollment:
• Insurance companies that are participating in the July open enrollment do not all offer the same effective date. For most carriers, including Kaiser Permanente, individual Colorado child applications received between July 1, 2012 and July 31, 2012 will be effective September 1, 2012.
• According to law, insurers may decline applications for individual child health insurance in Colorado if other creditable coverage is available to them. Some carriers are opting out of this option.
• Not all companies provide all of their regular plans during open enrollment. Also, some require enrollment via paper application only. In contrast, Kaiser Permanente makes all their regular plans available on child health insurance in Colorado, and applications can be made online or by paper.

Colorado child-only open enrollments cannot be denied due to the health status of a child, however, please note that rate-ups for a medical condition and/or for smoking, may be applied to the child’s premium. For more information on Colorado child applications, contact KQ Insurance Services at 1-800-514-0958, or click Colorado Child Health Insurance Rates and Applications.

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