Deadline for Lowest Health Insurance Rates

By Thomas Cazneau

There is usually a deadline when it comes to using a coupon. Whether the coupon is from your favorite restaurant, or perhaps from your preferred department store, the value on this colorful piece of paper eventually expires.

When it comes to getting low cost health insurance rates, there are no coupons, per se. However, like coupon prices, there is an expiration or deadline date for the current Kaiser Permanente affordable medical insurance rates for private plans in California. When the deadline date passes, the premiums will go up. For information on understanding healthcare prices and why plan rates go up, click Get Affordable Health Insurance Quotes Online.

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance Rates
Enroll now and you can lock in low cost, cheap health insurance rates for Kaiser Permanente private plans in California. The final chance to take advantage of these low rates is December 8th for an effective date of December 15, 2012. If you enroll before the deadline, the rates won’t change again until July 2013, unless you switch plans or you move.

If you enroll after the December 8th deadline, you’ll need to apply for a January 2013 effective date and pay more. The rates are still reflective of affordable medical insurance, but the cost will be slightly higher than they are now. The average increase is approximately 9 percent from last year’s rates. The actual increase will vary depending on which plan you choose and where you live. People who apply for January 1st will be able to keep their rates until January 2014, unless they switch to another plan or relocate.

To get the best cheap health insurance rates, consider applying as soon as possible!

Steps to Take
Below are steps to take when shopping and applying for low cost health insurance plans from Kaiser Permanente in California.

    1. em>Get Health Insurance Quotes
    Getting health insurance quotes through is easy. All you need to do is visit our homepage (, enter your zip code and date of birth, and you’ll find Kaiser Permanente quotes for affordable medical insurance plans.
    2. Choose a Plan
    In California, there are 13 different private plans to choose from. Prices and benefits are graduated, so you can have flexible choices and cheap health insurance rates that are easy to budget. If you are interested in personalized assistance, call 1-800-514-0958.
    3. Apply
    When you are ready to apply, you have a choice of either applying online or by paper. Regardless of the application method, you will need to submit one application per family member if you are applying for more than one person. can help with a plan or application questions you may have. We would love to assist you in giving you all that you need, so that you can meet the December 8th deadline and get the current Kaiser Permanente low cost health insurance rates for private plans in California.


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