Don’t Procrastinate. Get a Physical Exam.

By Angie Perez

In talking with friends and even my own family, I have found that a lot of people just don’t want to get an annual physical because…nothing is wrong! They feel great and have no need to see a doctor for an annual checkup. Unfortunately, the time to go is not when something is wrong, but rather before something is wrong. If you wait to go after something happens, then it can sometimes prove to be too late and costly. A simple yearly physical exam can keep the surprises at bay. The call is painless and the visit is well overdue…so call. What will it cost you? What is covered? What will they find? If you haven’t seen a doctor for over 5 years…you really need to make that call! To find out what’s included in a physical check-up at Kaiser Permanente, click Annual Physical Exams.

Covered Preventive Services
With the increased focus on a proactive approach to healthcare, more people are getting their annual physicals and preventive services done more regularly. As a result, diseases are getting caught in their early stages, when they can be best treated. For information on no-charge routine services at Kaiser Permanente, click Preventive Care Services covered under Health Reform.

If you have health insurance, then an annual physical exam is FREE! Thanks to Health Care Reform, an annual checkup is no charge because it is considered a preventive service. In addition to an annual physical, there are over 80 other preventive services that involve no cost-sharing.

What do preventive services include?
I’m glad you asked.

    For adults, following are some routine, preventive tests that are no-charge:
    • Depression screening
    • Cholesterol screening
    • If over 50, colorectal cancer screening
    • Type 2 diabetes screening

    For pregnant women, preventive services include screenings for:
    • Cervical cancer
    • Anemia
    • Hepatitis B
    • Gestational diabetes

    For children, below are just a few preventative care services:
    • Autism screening at 18 & 24 months of age
    • Fluoride chemoprevention
    • All immunizations
    • Newborn genetic disorder screening
    With all this free service, what are you waiting for? Make the call!

A Personal Story
Since you decided to keep reading, a good idea is to talk with your family about their history of diseases. This may be beneficial once in your doctor’s office while at your annual physical exam. For years I thought my mother died of ovarian cancer and would run to the doctor every time I had a problem. Sadly though, it turns out she died of liver cancer. No one bothered to look at her death certificate until my doctor asked me to look into it. Once you gather your information, call your doctor and schedule your yearly physical. Your family, friends and even your boss will be grateful you did.

Make the Call
Still reading? Man, you really need to get your procrastination checked out soon. It could be a matter of life or death and the longer you put this off the more strain you put on my fingers and wrist. So, please for all of our sakes and because we care about you…MAKE THE CALL and get a physical exam! As much as I would like to keep encouraging you and writing more reasons why you should call, just do it. I simply can’t say it enough…call. You’ll be glad you did.


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