Easy Obamacare Enrollment Process at KaiserQuotes.com

During the Busy Holiday Season, Americans Need a Reliable Online Application

In light of all the frustrations Americans have had with HealthCare.gov and Covered California, KaiserQuotes.com decided that now might be a good time to toot their horn and say, “Come over here for easy online enrollment.” Many Americans are feeling the time crunch of having to enroll for Obamacare while dealing with the busyness of the holidays. KQ uses US based programming companies and allows visitors to enroll online for exchange plans and government subsidies without having to go through the perils of the federal or the state run exchanges.

“If you’re looking to apply with Kaiser Permanente, don’t go to Covered California,” says CEO John Hansen. “Give us a chance. We have the lowest rates available and excellent customer service. You can calculate your subsidy, your rates and enroll online or over the phone without all the headaches of the over-used, buggy system of the state-run exchange.”

KaiserQuotes.com uses Kaiser Permanente’s online enrollment system, which has less traffic and gives customers an easy online enrollment experience. With the deadline quickly approaching for January 1st enrollment, Americans need a reliable online application that won’t take too much time, especially during the busy holiday season. At KaiserQuotes.com, you can get quotes and calculate your subsidy in a couple of minutes, and you can enroll in a Kaiser Permanente exchange plan which will make you eligible for a government subsidy depending on your income.

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