Free Video Resources and Podcast

Did you know that Kaiser Permanente offers a wealth of free resources through their website? From podcasts dealing with pregnancy and childbirth to videos about high blood pressure, there is something for everyone.

Videos: Watch and Live Healthier

The video section of KP’s free resources focuses on two categories —Living Healthier and Health Conditions and Concerns. In the Living Healthier section you’ll find great advice and general tips on things like healthy cooking, forming healthy habits, and exercise. The Health Conditions and Concerns section focuses on specific conditions like asthma, diabetes, and newborn care.

Whichever topic you take particular interest in, you will be encouraged to set goals that lead to the results you’re looking for.

Podcasts: Relax and Listen

Kaiser Permanente’s podcast focuses on guided imagery. Guided imagery is “the use of words and music to evoke positive imaginary scenarios in a subject with a view to bringing about some beneficial effect.” 

Podcasts are split into three categories —Health Conditions and Concerns, Emotional Wellness, and Living Healthier. Specific podcasts cover a wide range of topics like allergies, menopause, grief, stress, sleep, and weight loss.

In short, whatever health concerns you’re experiencing or whatever questions you have, Kaiser Permanente’s free online resources may be a great resource for you.


Comment from John Hansen
Time: October 15, 2015, 10:01 pm

How can I access these resources? Do you have a link?

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