Getting Health Insurance is Like Dating

As the classic song goes, “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing”. To me, this means that there are many special ways that love can be expressed. One of those ways is by taking care of ourselves. After all, our capacity to receive and give begins with how we love and value ourselves. One example of how we can care for ourselves is by spending time doing things that bring out the best in us. That is how dating and looking for health insurance are similar. Finding the right affordable medical insurance match can bring us to our personal best.

Think about the questions you ask when considering a date and when looking for medical coverage. Regarding a date, you’re wondering what personalities appeal to you. What character traits are a must, and which are nice but non-essentials? You might also think of past dates and consider how to avoid repeating bad experiences. Everyone wants to be valued and wowed; we appreciate being cared for. That’s the same goal for a health plan.

When looking for a medical policy that’s a good match, you try to identify the plan that appeals to you. What benefits are must-have’s? Which ones are nice to have but you can do without in order to save money on health insurance? Did a past provider leave you with a bad experience? Does your current medical provider give you personalized care, or do you feel like a number?

For me, Kaiser Permanente is a good match. I appreciate that I have a skilled doctor who is easy to talk with and who gives me personalized care. She takes time to listen; I’m not just a number. Kaiser Permanente hires doctors that are expert in their field, and their medical equipment is always the most technologically-advanced. This helps me trust my doctor’s recommendations. Also, Kaiser Permanente looks out for me. When I’m behind on routine procedures or lab tests, they remind me and then let me know the outcome right away. Included with the test results are explanations in simplified language, so I can quickly assess my progress. Additionally, I appreciate the convenience of being able to visit multiple departments under one roof. I park the car once to see my doctor, get my lab work done, and pick up prescriptions. They value my time and help me save gas too.

If your current medical provider is not keeping the romance alive, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Kaiser Permanente. You’ll have a medical community of friendly and knowledgeable experts that will help you become the best you.


Comment from Jessica Howland
Time: June 17, 2011, 4:01 pm

I am really with you there about the importance of taking care of ourselves. We tend to act differently toward others and life when we value ourself! Never saw health insurance in this light before, really good point.

Comment from Holly
Time: June 17, 2011, 4:29 pm

Kaiser helps me to take better care of myself. I can set prescription reminders, they recommend resources for me by email, and my favorite is the option for appointment reminders to be sent by mail, text or email. For me the plans are easy to understand and the facilities are easy to use. Whenever I visit a facility they offer a warm welcome a helpful attitude – this the kind of company I like giving my business to!

Comment from Thomas Cazneau
Time: June 17, 2011, 5:49 pm

This can be true for any business-customer relationship. Some customers are ready to buy now, but usually businesses must build rapport and trust with customers before the customer is ready to make a significant transaction. One time transactions could be translated into a “one-night stand” in dating terms, but a transaction that leaves a good impression on the customer will provoke a long lasting business-customer “relationship”.

Comment from Carol
Time: June 18, 2011, 6:18 pm

I keep asking for a personal quote for a Medicare supplemental insurance and never get a reply–maybe I’m just too old for dating!!! Please help. I have been a member of Kaiser for over 20 years. What’s up?

Comment from Esmeralda Mercado
Time: June 20, 2011, 10:09 pm

Good news, Carol! Kaiser Permanente has a special program for people who are eligible for Medicare. For details, please contact the Senior Advantage Department directly at 1-877-882-2703.

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