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By Jacob Hansen

Some people think that they have to get medical coverage directly from the health insurance company in order to get the best price. In reality, you will get the same exact price for your health insurance whether you go through the carrier or a health insurance broker. This is because according to federal law, a broker cannot charge fees or raise the prices for health insurance. For more information, click Health Insurance Broker.

If I go direct, wouldn’t it be faster and won’t the company representatives be more knowledgeable?
Not necessarily! Sometimes, health insurance brokers are as well-informed about the products as the companies’ representatives. And when brokers represent one carrier exclusively, they can be especially keen on their product knowledge and expertise.

The health insurance broker can help minimize delays to your application. If you have questions while choosing a plan or while you’re in the middle of enrollment, it is the broker’s job to get you answers. Generally, when a broker doesn’t have an answer, they will either research and get back to you, or redirect you to a better resource. Also, because of their experience working with health insurance applications, they know how to fill out the forms to save you undue delays, which can sometimes be several weeks. If you answer a question in a vague manner, the underwriters will often call you or request additional records, when all that was really necessary was for you to phrase your answer in a more concise and thorough way. These are just a few ways health insurance brokers keep an eye out for you.

No Run Arounds
Let’s face it. We’ve all gotten the run around at some point. If you enroll through a health insurance broker, however, they can check on the status of your application by using more resources than what may be available to an applicant. Often, brokers have more contacts and more of an inside scoop so there’s less likelihood of experiencing red tape.

What if I already have medical coverage without a health insurance broker?
The ideal time to work with a broker is when you are not yet enrolled for health insurance or if you are switching carriers or health plans. An exception to this would be if you are already insured for medical coverage and you are covered under a group plan. Then, you can take advantage of broker services by sending the insurance company a letter authorizing the broker as your representative. For details in making your health insurance broker, call 1-800-514-0958 or

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