Healthy BBQ Recipes

By Thomas Cazneau

Barbecue much? You may be interested to know that there are ways to make your barbecue meats and sides a bit healthier. Below are some easy healthy bbq recipes and methods to consider when attempting to do so.

The Meat
Perhaps, the most common meats to barbeque are hamburgers and hotdogs. However, both contain lots of saturated fat and unwanted calories. Consider the suggestions below for healthy bbq meat.
• Hamburgers:
Choose hamburger meat that is lean and unprocessed. If you are willing to keep it simple, try grilling a brisket cheese-burger, for they tend to be very lean. If you like spice, poblano burger patties are nice because they are made of lean, pre-ground supermarket sirloin. When in doubt, opt for grass-fed burger that is rich in antioxidants or an organic burger.
• Hot dogs:
It’s recommended to barbecue hot dogs that have less than 150 calories and fewer than 14 grams of fat (with no more than 6 grams saturated). The sodium should not exceed 450 milligrams.

The Kebab
Another common meat concoction to barbeque is the kebab. Similar to hamburger and hot dog meat, the steak and pork meat used for traditional kebabs can contain lots of saturated fat and calories. To create a healthy bbq kebab, it’s recommended that you use several spices while flavoring your meat, as well as more grilled vegetables and fruit in between kebab meat portions. Using spices like rosemary and thyme can actually add a slimming effect to the steak meat, while the vegetables can add a bit of healthy balance to the otherwise high-protein kebab. Instead of using heavy marinade sauces, opt for an olive oil, garlic, and lemon zest mix to marinate your meat instead. Such tricks will give your kebab the flavor you want without also adding the unwanted calories and grease.

The Cobs
Corn on the Cob can make for a healthy bbq meal. It’s like the mashed potato to the Thanksgiving turkey but in barbecue terms. While using lots of butter on corn on the cob is tempting, opt to use extra virgin olive oil instead. This will lower the calorie and saturated fat content significantly. Plus corn on the cob offers a decent amount of fiber and potassium.
Hope these tips have helped!

Please post your own healthy bbq recipes below. We would love to hear from you.

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