Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Night Owls

By Thomas Cazneau

I’m such a night owl. My perfect normal day would probably consist of waking up at 10am, going to work around 1pm, clocking out around 8pm and then spending the wee hours catching up on my favorite TV series. However, this version of lifestyle can prove to be very challenging, so much so that my health around the clock can occasionally take a toll. When I add more to it, my health can also at times reach record lows if I’m not careful.

Whether or not you are also a night owl, it’s probably safe to say that all of us entertain busy lives, sometimes to the point that we disregard our healthy lifestyle choices in the process. Below are some simple ways to stay healthy throughout your busy day and week, particularly while on the job.

Schedule Time to Sleep

Many health problems on the job are caused by insomnia and fatigue, especially when you work an overnight shift or for a call center company. Regardless of the employment situation, however, it is best to schedule regular sleep times, even if it means a few hours in-between shifts. For a better nap or night’s sleep, prepare a comfortable bed that is ready the moment you come home. This makes it easier to think ‘sleep’, to give you the rest you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Promote Good Posture
Maintain a good posture. Sitting up straight while at work can prevent neck, shoulder and back pains and other physical stress. It would also be advisable to stand up occasionally throughout the day to stretch your legs and change your position to loosen up your body instead of sitting and staying in single position straight for 8 hours.

Eat Balanced Meals
Food is our #1 source of energy. One of the ways to stay healthy is to keep yourself nourished with balanced meals and snacks throughout the day by eating before and after work, as well as during your work breaks. Even if you are not a breakfast fan, try eating something small and substantial in the early morning hours to keep yourself nourished and balanced throughout the day. You might be pleasantly surprised at how sharper your memory and more positive your attitude becomes concerning your daily tasks.

Drink Water
Drink water to stay hydrated and to keep your throat properly lubricated throughout the day. This will help prevent vocal strain, especially if your job requires lots of talking. To encourage yourself to drink more water throughout your work day, buy a water bottle that you can refill whenever you’d like.

Avoid Bad Habits.
Statistically, many overnight or long-hour employees succumb to bad habits like drinking too much coffee, smoking or drinking alcohol to fight off sleep or stress. These habits may help to fight off sleep momentarily but are apparently bad for the health in the long run.

Get Health Insurance
Woman at ComputerHealth Insurance is one way to protect your healthy lifestyle while on the job. Those who work late hours and long shifts tend to not get enough sleep and as a result have a weak immune system. Therefore, it’s easy to become sick. Having health insurance could help you get those prescriptions you need to beat sickness and build your immune system, so that you can stay well and focused both on and off the clock.

These are just some of the ways to stay healthy during your work week. Which health tricks do you find helpful when trying to stay healthy?

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