Kaiser Permanente Maternity Insurance on 3 More Health Plans

Happy Hospital DeliveryBy Esmeralda Mercado

With Gov. Jerry Brown’s passing of SB 222 and AB 210, health insurance policies must soon include maternity benefits starting July 1, 2012. Accordingly, carriers such as Kaiser Permanente in California will be adding pregnancy coverage to three private plans, which currently exclude maternity insurance: the $40/3000, $40/4000, and $50/5000 Deductible Plans. As a health insurance broker for Kaiser Permanente, we are excited about the change. We are looking forward to these popular plans drawing even more interest. Although rates may change, we anticipate that the three plans will continue to offer some of the lowest priced options, and now, include affordable maternity coverage. For more information, click Kaiser Permanente California Individual Health Insurance.

How much does a hospital delivery cost?
Numerous factors affect how much it costs to deliver a baby at a hospital. According to CostHelper.com, the hospital delivery cost for someone without hospital insurance coverage is approximately $9,000 to $17,000 for vaginal deliveries without complications. Vaginal deliveries with complications or Cesarean deliveries without complications run about $14,000 to $25,000 or more. Your actual cost will vary, based on factors such as the type of delivery you have, if there are complications, the length of the hospital stay, and the physical location where you have the baby delivery.

Maternity Insurance and Affordable Baby Delivery
Health insurance with pregnancy coverage can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket cost for hospital delivery. Below is an estimate of your potential hospital delivery cost under the three Kaiser Permanente plans that will soon include maternity benefits in July. The estimates are based on the current hospitalization benefits of the plans.
Kaiser Maternity Benefits Comparison
It is uncommon that you’ll have to pay up to your maximum out-of-pocket-limit for a hospital delivery. But even in a worst case scenario, the most you’ll have to pay under these plans is well below the $9,000 or $25,000 averages mentioned earlier.

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