Kaiser Permanente Partners with Businesses to Inspire a More Healthy You

Kaiser Permanente has you covered, in more ways than one. Kaiser Permanente has prepared resources and online tools to help businesses with their bottom line. How? By investing a little time and effort into helping employees develop a more healthy way of life, the company’s productivity is automatically improved. When an employee is in good health:
• There is less time off work for illness.
• It minimizes trips to the doctor’s office. Reduced utilization of the health benefits saves the employee
money, but also helps keep your premium from being surcharged at renewal.
• Stress is reduced, making for a more focused and productive employee, and a more pleasant workplace.
• Worker’s comp issues are reduced.

The Kaiser Permanente tools are free and easy to use. Also, each company can come up with their own unique health works program. It can be as basic or involved as you want. Here are some baby steps to consider:
Step 1) The employer needs to assess the current health status of their employees. Use any health
records that may be available to you.
Step 2) Put together a team of people that will brainstorm to find ideas on how everyone can participate.
Some examples can be going on a walk together at break time, incentives to joining a gym,
replacing vending machine treats with healthy snacks, etc.
Step 3) Engage the employees. Communicate to motivate.
Step 4) After a few weeks into the process, evaluate your progress and get feedback from your team.
Celebrate any level of success.

To view a short clip on how a health program at work could benefit you and your employees, click here. And if you’re in the Washington D.C. area, visit Kaiser Permanente’s new Center for Total Health, a high tech, hands-on place of learning to becoming a more healthy you.

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