Kaiser Permanente, a Compassionate and Safety Conscious Health Care Provider

Kaiser Permanente is one of the most widely-recognized and respected names in health care, with approximately 164,000 employees serving more than 8.6 million members (as of December 2009). Birthed out of the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II, Kaiser Permanente emerged to meet the medical needs of Americans at a time when it was difficult to find affordable health care. In 2011, Kaiser Permanente carries on to serve Americans in dire times.

Kaiser Permanente continues to be a leader in delivering medical services at an affordable cost. When the Health Reform Bill became law, Kaiser was cited as a model of how health care needed to work. Kaiser not only drafted new health plans to be consistent with the new regulations, they went the extra mile to voluntarily modify plans for existing members to ensure that coverage benefits always held the members’ best interest in mind.

Recently, several Kaiser Permanente hospitals in CA were honored by The Leapfrog Group for their exceptional performance in various medical practices and safety procedures. The Leapfrog Group is a non-profit organization that compares the accomplishments of hospitals nationwide by measuring such standards as patient safety, quality of care, and affordability of services. The efforts of The Leapfrog Group have contributed to the reduction of treatment and medication errors made in hospitals, since its inception in 2006. In their 2010 annual review, The Leapfrog Group recognized 65 top hospitals for their achievements. Of these, 16 were Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Northern and Southern CA. For a complete list of the top hospitals, visit top hospitals at www.leapfroggroup.org.

Kaiser is located in 10 States: California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and Washington DC. It is headquartered in California, where over 75 percent of its membership resides. Kaiser continues to expand its services and update its facilities, with the most recent renovations and expansions involving: the new medical center on Capitol Hill in WA DC, Moanalua Medical Center Campus in Hawaii; medical offices in South-metro Denver, CO; Pasadena, CA; and Snellville and Douglasville, GA. The expansions not only provide even better health care, but also employment opportunities for various communities.

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