The New $40/$3000 Deductible Group Health Insurance Plan

Group Health Insurance for Business OwnersBy Esmeralda Mercado

I work for a health insurance agency that sells Kaiser Permanente Group Health insurance for self- employed people and other small businesses. Recently, Kaiser Permanente introduced a new California group health insurance plan that I’m really impressed with. It shows Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to helping consumers and current members get a medical plan that fits their medical service needs without breaking their pocketbook.

The new Kaiser Permanente option is called the $40/3000 Deductible Plan. It is cheap group insurance that gives a win-win solution to both employers and employees. It is the most affordable Kaiser Permanente California group health insurance that you can get where the doctor visits, prescriptions, and even most lab and imaging services are covered without you first having to pay a deductible. That’s good news, especially for companies that are looking for affordability, as well as health benefits that their employees need most. It’s especially great news for people with medical conditions because unlike most deductible plans, the Kaiser Permanente $40/3000 Deductible Plan also covers most lab and imaging services without a deductible.

Below are sample quotes for a 35 year old husband and wife whose business is in Northern California. Note: The California group health insurance premiums are based on rates for a newly-enrolled company and are valid as of January 2012. Also, only the Deductible Plans that cover doctor visits and prescription benefits without a deductible are shown. This way, the comparisons are on an apple-to-apple basis. Click California Group Health Insurance for more details or to get a personalized quote for health insurance for self employed or other small businesses.

Companies that are already covered under a Kaiser Permanente California group health insurance policy will be happy to see the $40/3000 Deductible Plan as one of the alternatives they can switch to when their policy renews in 2012. The $40/3000 Deductible Plan can potentially lower their insurance bill. For example, groups that are covered under the popular $30/1500 Deductible Plan can save somewhere around *10-15% by switching to the $40/3000 Deductible Plan.

Current members of a Kaiser Permanente California group health insurance plan may switch to the $40/3000 Deductible Plan during their open enrollment period when their policy is up for renewal. They may also contact their insurance representative to find out about any special open enrollments that allow them to downgrade plans mid-year. Give this plan strong consideration if you are looking for solid but cheap group insurance and your medical service needs are mainly for basic services such as doctor visits, prescriptions, lab and imaging services. Before changing plans, compare the benefits of your current policy with the $40/3000 Deductible Plan to make sure you’re enrolled on the California group health insurance plan that best meets your service needs. If you are not currently working with a health insurance agent, we would be more than happy to assist you in walking through your options and provide you with a specialized consultation.

The $40/3000 Deductible Plan is also available on a private insurance basis. However, that option does not cover maternity benefits. Also, lab and imaging services are subject to the deductible. In contrast, the $40/3000 health insurance for self employed and other businesses includes maternity benefits, as well as coverage for most lab and imaging services on a no-deductible basis.

*The savings is based on a representative sampling of Kaiser Permanente small groups in Northern and Southern California with a renewal date of April 1, 2012 and a rate adjustment factor of 1.10.


Comment from Kameh
Time: March 6, 2012, 8:02 pm

I want to know how much it would cost to get insurance for my 14 year old daughter and myself (40 years old). What are the lowest priced options? I’d want a check up every 6 months and lab work also.

Comment from kaiserquotes
Time: March 6, 2012, 9:46 pm

All plans give you an annual physical exam at no cost. Otherwise, the lowest priced option for individuals and families is the $50/5000 Deductible Plan, which does not cover office visits or lab work until after you reach the deductible. If you would like coverage for at least the doctor visits and prescriptions, the most affordable option is the $40/3000 Deductible Plan. I’ll contact you so we can do a personalized quote for your family.

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