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By Thomas Cazneau Social Media IconsDid you know that is social? Having a strong social media presence is our way of saying, “Hello World!” On each of our social media outlets, we help people stay informed on relevant healthcare news and breakthroughs, learn the latest on Health Care Reform, and get health fitness tips. It’s also a good way to know what’s on people’s minds, and be relevant to the communities we serve. See how you can improve your life with the click of a button by going on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or Pinterest

Healthcare News & BreakthroughsHealhcare News
There is always something new to share regarding healthcare.Granted, we do not share every single piece of healthcare news out there. However, we do share news items that we feel would greatly benefit our fan and follower-base. Sometimes this news pertains to information about recent medical breakthroughs for certain ailments or diseases. At other times, it might concern certain food or medicine recalls ordered by the FDA. No matter what, we make it a point to share healthcare news in a way that welcomes an engaging discussion with our fans and followers.

    Children enjoying hot lunch in a school cafeteria• There is ongoing debate about whether elementary school officials should be allowed to inspect children’s lunches for unhealthy food items, as well as have the authority to trade unhealthy food items for healthier ones. We have asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers for feedback, and this seems to be hot topic of interest as well.
    • Earlier this year, a manufacturer of marijuana mouth spray was seeking FDA approval. We asked our fans on Facebook about their opinion and generated a discussion.

Health Reform News
Affordable Care Act As you probably know, the Affordable Care Act was recently upheld by the Supreme Court. On our social media outlets, particularly Google+ and Facebook, we make it a point to keep our fans informed of the changes to come, and how these changes could affect themselves or their families. Although it can feel overwhelming when discussing any healthcare changes, we make ourselves available for discussion on all of our social media outlets.

    Health Care Reform• In June 2012, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the Affordable Care Act. We informed our fans and followers of this Supreme Court decision and asked for their opinion on the approved legislation.
    • We have created videos that make it easier to understand certain aspects of Health Care Reform as they relate to individuals, families, and small businesses. To preview, click Health Care Reform video.

Lifestyle & Fitness Tips
Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations Any of our fans and followers can find tips for healthy living on our pages and profiles. These tips often relate to breaking harmful habits and making healthy lifestyle choices. Sometimes we will post a recent fitness or lifestyle recommendation made by a health article and ask our fans and followers for their opinions. Honestly, we don’t mind if our fans and followers agree or disagree with the articles or questions posted, because it creates a discussion that other fans and followers can participate in. We also welcome our fans and followers to share their own health tips with us.

    Healthy Food Recommendations• You can find healthy recipes, fitness-related blogs, and even tips on improving social skills on our outlets. Sometimes we will post pictures that display the amazing health benefits of a certain food at a glance.
    • When health meets the internet, there are tons of health myths and misconceptions out there. At times, we will post a picture with a statement that speaks to these myths and misconceptions, and we ask our fans and followers to share their opinion regarding the post.

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