Save Money on Health Insurance by Applying Early

By Esmeralda Mercado
Low Cost Health Insurance
Are you shopping for cheap health insurance with meaningful benefits? Did you know that by applying for medical coverage to start in June instead of July, you could save money on health insurance?

We are an independent medical insurance agency. Twice a year, we gear up for potential rate changes for individual and family health insurance in California. In November, we encourage consumers who are looking for affordable health insurance to apply for a December effective date so they can lock in the lower rates before they increase the next month. Then again in May, we tell as many clients as we can to consider starting their policy in June, to avoid the rate increase in July. As we draw closer to the deadline for a June enrollment, we’re having more conversations with clients about locking in their rates in order to get low cost health insurance. The July prices are not yet available, so for now, costs are estimated. Generally, rates increase an average of about 10 percent. By next week, we’ll be able to start quoting rates for July, and help consumers enroll earlier in order to save money and get cheap health insurance. For more information, click Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Quotes or ways to Save on Health Insurance.

Affordable Health Insurance and the Economy
Due to the economy, more and more consumers want to save money on health insurance and get quotes for the most benefits at the lowest cost. Find Cheap Health InsuranceIf you are someone who mainly needs doctor visits and prescriptions, one of the best ways to get affordable health insurance is to get a medical plan with a high deductible that allows you to see the doctor and get prescriptions without having to pay into the deductible. Having a deductible helps you get low cost health insurance because it lowers your premium, but it also means you’ll pay full cost for services until what you’ve paid adds up to the amount of the deductible. A deductible is a big deal, mainly, when you need big ticket services like emergency room visits and hospitalization. If you want more protection for these services, a low cost health insurance deductible plan could still work, but consider a plan with a smaller deductible of $500-$2,000, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Finding the right health insurance plan for you
When comparing medical plans to find cheap health insurance, keep in mind your budget, but also consider the types of medical services that you need most. Affordable Health Insurance Don’t be allured by bells and whistles that you generally don’t need. This will help you narrow your search to the plan that’s right and help you save money on health insurance. Also, be aware that timing can impact pricing. As I started to say, applying for a June effective date could keep your costs down and help you in your search for affordable health insurance. California rates are going up, so take advantage of the lower rates today. If you’re interested in a personalized quote, give us a ring at 1-800-514-0958.

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