Thyroid Problems? Get Your Energy Back Naturally

By Thomas Cazneau

I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Thyroid problems like this translate into low energy levels.

For most of my life, I’ve taken a generic medicine called Levothroid that helps raise and
regulate my thyroid levels, thus giving me more energy. However, I was curious about natural ways to combat hypothyroidism, especially during times when it’s difficult to pay for a prescription refill. Below are some helpful tips I found during my research.

How to Handle Thyroid Problems Naturally
Making dietary changes is the first step in helping thyroid problems and not being tired all the time.

1. Reduce Caffeine and Sugar Intake.
People with hypothyroidism likely suffer from fatigue and brain fog, which provokes them to reach for non-nutritional forms of energy like sugar and caffeine. However, sugar and caffeine can exhaust your thyroid and destabilize your blood sugar. Those with hypothyroidism are more susceptible to feeling irregular energy levels when drinking coffee or a soft drink. That “roller coaster” feeling that some experience when drinking caffeinated beverages is especially felt by those with hypothyroidism.

2. Limit refined carbs.
The body treats refined carbohydrates like sugar. So, that doesn’t help.

3. Eat Protein.
Protein carries thyroid hormone to all your tissues. Regular protein intake can help keep thyroid levels become normal. Healthy sources of protein include nuts and nut butters; quinoa; hormone and antibiotic-free animal products (organic, grass-fed meats, eggs, and sustainably-farmed fish), and legumes.

4. Consume Natural Fats and Cholesterol.
Although fats and cholesterol are, generally, not healthy for us, our bodies do need some natural, healthy fats and cholesterol to run properly and not be tired all the time. If you suffer from thyroid problems and are not getting a sufficient amount of fat and cholesterol, then you could be creating a greater thyroid hormonal imbalance. Some examples of natural, healthful fats include olive oil, ghee, avocados, flax seeds, fish, nuts and nut butters, hormone and antibiotic-free full fat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and coconut milk products.

5. Boost the Nutrients.
Not having enough of the following nutrients and minerals can worsen the
symptoms of hypothyroidism:
• Vitamin D
• Iron
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• Selenium
• Zinc
• Copper
• Vitamin A
• B vitamins
• Iodine

6. Go Gluten-Free.
Eating gluten can make things worse. Sometimes, the autoimmune system attacks the thyroid because of the gluten.

7. Practice Relaxation.
The thyroid gland is extremely sensitive. Stress worsens thyroid problems. Find ways to stay calm and prevent stress from reaching your thyroid. Try breathing exercises, going for walks, or participating in a class that focuses on relaxation.

Speak with your primary care doctor regarding the right course of action for your thyroid and overall body needs. Holistic medicine can sometimes feel hard to come by, but some hospitals do actually have free programs and assistance. For more information, please give us a call at 1-877-752 -4737.

I’m still on my own journey to discovering ways of increasing my energy level naturally. I
would love to hear what works for you! Please comment below regarding natural methods
that one could use to combat hypothyroidism.


Comment from Monica Young
Time: April 1, 2013, 10:27 pm

This hits close to home as my sister has thyriod problems. Great blog!

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