Valentine’s Day Communication Tips

Communication Tips Valentine's DayBy Thomas Cazneau

Just a few more days until Valentine’s Day! In my previous blog, I shared five tips on how to build and maintain healthy communication in relationships. Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with family, friends, a love interest, or coworkers, healthy communication can definitely be of help! Consider these five promised tips as my Valentine’s Day cards to you.

1. Friend or Foe?
Each of us has an ideal of what we would like to experience in a healthy relationship, whether it’s a family, friendship, love relationship, or business partnership. Each of these types of relationships can include friends and foes.

• Friends

      Friends are people who are willing to share in your times of laughter and tears. They support you as an individual and encourage you to be the best you can be. Healthy communication is a given.

• Foes

      A foe is generally someone who’s hard to get along with. Some signs of a foe relationship could be feelings of being drained or used. Sometimes, we can easily walk away from unhealthy relationships. In other situations, it is better to have honest dialogue. In more extreme cases, counseling or intervention may be needed to restore healthy relationships. Kaiser Permanente has a great team of counselors that can help you do just that. For more information on these benefits, click Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Plans.

2. Compare Love Languages
A love language is one way that people use to communicate care and validation. It is an idea made popular by Gary Chapman and several other authors. Examples of love languages in healthy relationships include quality time, affirming words, touch, gift-giving, and helping with tasks. Learning how to speak to someone else through their primary love language, as well as acknowledging your own primary love language, can help you build a healthy communication bridge between both of you.

3. Consider Pet Peeves
What makes each individual personally turn off? While some pet peeves are common and understandable, most are unique to each individual. A discussion on what makes each individual personally angry or upset can definitely mature a healthy relationship. No matter how common or personal they might be, sharing about personal pet peeves can help prevent social headaches and relational heartache in the future.

4. Find Common Goals and Interests
Healthy relationships need at least one common goal or interest to survive. The more connected two people are on enjoying like interests or achieving the same results, the easier getting along naturally becomes. Relationships without something in common tend to feel mundane, confusing and pointless.

• Common Goals
Think of someone you might spend Valentine’s Day with this upcoming Tuesday. Most likely they are someone who shares a common goal with you. What is this common goal? Is it perhaps a fitness goal related to losing weight? Are you working on the same work or recreational project together? Defining a common goal through healthy communication can be as low key as deciding on the next outing or as official as conjoining business ventures.
• Common Interests
Now, think of someone in your life completely opposite of you. What makes you desire healthy communication with this person? Is it your love for types of movies? Do you both like going to the same Starbucks? Perhaps you both like the same authors? While common goals help two or more individuals stay focused, common interests keep these individuals engaged along the way.

5. Be Yourself
In every healthy relationship, you should feel welcomed to be yourself. Feeling pressured to be someone else can ultimately harm both individuals attempting to relate.

I hope these tips will help you not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for everyday. Feel free to share your own tips below.

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Comment from Nicole Alsted
Time: February 10, 2012, 6:34 pm


Thanks you so much for the wonderful tips.. It´s very inspiring and it makes you think about the relationship you are in.

Comment from Thomas Cazneau
Time: February 10, 2012, 7:18 pm

Thanks Nicole! I’m glad you found these communication tips helpful! :)

Comment from Will.I.Am
Time: February 10, 2012, 8:15 pm

Love It!

Comment from Krystle
Time: February 11, 2012, 12:07 am

Hey! Very inspiring Thomas!

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