Kaiser Permanente California Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente currently ranks #1 for quality of care while maintaining competitive pricing. The California Health Insurance Company's 6.5 million members receive some of the most advanced medical care in the world. Starting with a free Kaiser Permanente California health insurance quote, you will begin to have access to some of the finest doctors, specialists, medical facilities and hospitals.

Kaiser Permanente California health insurance serves its members utilizing the most sophisticated, private online medical records system in the world. The carrier offers affordable pricing along with an exceptional quality of care unmatched by any of its competitors. Use the form above to get free California health insurance quotes from Kaiser Permanente.

Members can go online to access a world of California health insurance related information. Kaiser Permanente California members can do the following online:

  • View personal medical records
  • View their lab tests
  • Email their doctors
  • Fill prescription drugs
  • Make appointments
  • Sign up for health classes
  • Take health assessments

Two Types of California Health Plans

Kaiser Permanente carriers, brokers and agents are able to provide quotes for and sell two types of California medical insurance, individual and group health insurance. Whichever type you choose to enroll in, you will receive the same level of quality care from Kaiser Permanente. If you are a business owner and are interested, you can get California health insurance quotes for both individual and group plans. For individual or Group plans, submit for a free California health insurance quote today.

California Individual Health Insurance

Individual plans, also known as personal or private plans, are sold to one person or to a family, and eligibility is based on personal medical history

California Group Health Insurance

Business plans, also known as group plans, are sold to small businesses (up to 50 employees) and large businesses (51+ employees) including churches and non-profit groups. Eligibility is based on the ownership of or employment with a company.

California Health Insurance Coverage Areas for Kaiser Permanente

Those enrolled in Kaiser Permanente California health plans have access to facilities throughout most of the state, especially in highly populated areas. Some less populated areas both in Northern and Southern California do not have a Kaiser Permanente presence. To find the nearest Kaiser Permanente provider, visit the Kaiser Permanente location finder.

Along with providing coverage in most other major cities throughout the state, Kaiser Permanente offers California Health Insurance in the following regions. Use these links or the form above to get California health insurance quotes for your area today: