KAISER PERMANENTE California Group Health Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente’s menu of health plans for California businesses includes a variety of options ranging from comprehensive plans with zero out-of-pocket for hospitalization to plans with a high deductible so you can lower your premium. Additionally, some of the KP California business health plans include a PPO (“Preferred Provider Organization”) option, which is a desirable feature if you have a favorite non-Kaiser Permanente doctor you just can’t part with.

Regardless of the medical coverage you select, most preventive care services are free. And, if at least three subscribers sign up, you’ll be able to enroll in more than one California business health insurance plan, thus being able to offer more flexible options to your employees.

Advantages to Having Small Group Health Insurance in California

Small Business Employees in Suits
Below are five benefits to choosing group coverage over a private plan:
  • 1.No denials for medical conditions: If you are a business owner and you or a family member have been denied private health coverage due to pre-existing conditions, consider enrolling for California business health insurance through your company. Unlike individual plans, small business medical insurance in California is not subject to medical underwriting, so health issues do not affect your eligibility.

    : The Health Reform mandate that prohibits denial for pre-existing conditions currently applies to California group health insurance and to private health plans for children under age 19 only. In 2014, the mandate will apply to all age bands on a private plan.
  • 2.Cheaper for families or children with pre-existing issues: California group medical plans tend to be more family-friendly. Trending shows that families with children are apt to have lower premiums on group health plans in California than on private plans. That is because under company medical plans, the charge for children is the same regardless of the number of children, so the larger the family, the better the savings. Additionally, children with adverse medical conditions are not surcharged under a business plan, like they could be under a private plan.
  • 3.Quicker turnaround: Applying for a California group health insurance plan through your company provides ease of enrollment and the turnaround is oftentimes quicker.
  • 4.Rates lock in for a full year: Once you enroll, the rates for California business health plans will be locked in for a full 12 months after your policy effective date. Private plans lock in for seven to twelve months, depending on when you apply.
  • 5.Employee retention: Kaiser Permanente California group plans are advantageous for employers because businesses that invest in their employees by providing health benefits from a highly-respected healthcare provider are more likely to attract and retain solid employees.

What are my costs as the employer?

Kaiser Permanente California group health insurance plans require employers to contribute a minimum of 50 percent of the employee-only premium, based on what the rate would be for someone who is under 30 years of age, regardless of the actual age of the employee. If the employee is enrolled with dependents, your minimum required share would still be 50 percent of the premium for the employee only.

How do I qualify for California business health insurance?

You need at least two people working for the company and the business needs to be at least six weeks old. A husband and wife can meet the two-people requirement so long as their names are listed on the business license or similar company documents. See California Self-Employed Health Insurance for details. An employee may qualify for a California group medical plan if he or she is on payroll and a full time employee working at least 20 hours per week.

How do I apply for group health insurance in California?

You can enroll online or print an application. Click Kaiser Permanente California Group Health Insurance Application to enroll. For live support, please call 1-877-752-4737 and select option 3.

  • 1.Chiropractic Coverage can be added to all of the plans except for the HSA type plans.
  • 2.Kaiser Permanente also offers Choice Solution as an option for small business health insurance in California.