Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Health Insurance

Get quality medical insurance coverage in Sacramento, California at a rate that fits your budget. Get covered for the big stuff, but also for the small stuff. By providing affordable, quality Sacramento health insurance plans and medical grants, Kaiser Permanente aims to improve the well being of the 453,781 people that live in Sacramento City. With nearly a half a million people, this area represents 12.45% of the population of the state of California. Through preventative medicine, expert advice, and cutting edge treatment, Kaiser Permanente Sacramento health insurance is aimed at helping you and your family to thrive.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Medical Insurance Benefits You Can Count On

Sacramento health insurance coverage has never been so sophisticated. Advanced technologies and integrated care are making long-term health a reality for many Kaiser Permanente California members. Consider the following benefits of enrolling in a KP medical plan.

  • Kaiser Permanente is Committed to Your Health

    As a Sacramento health insurance plan member, you will be serviced by physicians and a team of other medical experts who are committed to your health. With Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care system, members get the education, examinations, and support they need to stay healthy and to regain their well being after a serious illness or treatment.

  • You’ll Find a Variety of Care at One Location

    Fast paced people need a Sacramento health insurance plan provider that gets them to different appointments without a lot of time wasted, where their doctors’ records are up-to-date, and where there’s minimal waiting to get referrals or medications. Those who choose Kaiser Permanente for Sacramento medical insurance can usually do most if not all of the following at one location:

    • Visit your doctor
    • Get prescription drugs
    • Get lab work
    • Do X-rays
    • Check into urgent care
    • Visit emergency
    • Go to out-patient surgery
    • Attend healthcare and nutrition classes

    Oftentimes, Sacramento health insurance plan members can do all this and more at one Kaiser Permanente facility. You park your car once, and then you get it all done. It’s a great way not only to save time, but also gas.

    In addition to the convenience of going to one location for multiple services, you can also take advantage of Kaiser Permanente Sacramento's online services, which allow you to take care of a variety of things, such as:

    • Make appointments
    • Email your doctor
    • Order prescription refills
    • Pay your bill
    • Get test results
  • World Renowned Electronic Medical Records System

    Kaiser Permanente’s electronic health record system provides a centralized data warehouse so that any of your doctors can have instant access to your medical records. This means you get the right treatment and you get it more quickly.

Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Kaiser Permanente hospitals and medical offices provide Sacramento health insurance care throughout the area.

The main Kaiser Permanente medical center in Sacramento is located on Morse Avenue. This facility has been providing health care for more than 40 years. It is serviced by over 500 doctors and houses over 300 hospital beds plus 33 emergency room beds. This particular hospital has received The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval award and The Congressional Medal of Honor Award from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.