Children Health Insurance Quotes

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See below for information on how to get the most affordable child health insurance quotes available for your children.

Be Informed and Get the Best Premiums

Here are some things to consider when you’re shopping for family coverage or child only health insurance quotes:

  • Are there any discounts available for kids?

    Before the Affordable Care Act, children could avoid certain surcharges for not having health insurance. Now, there are neither surcharges nor discounts, per se, except for large families with children under age 21.

  • Is there a savings for having more children on the same plan?

    Under Obamacare, premium will be charged only for the three oldest children under age 21. Other kids under 21 are included without an extra charge, so long as they are covered under the same plan with the family. All adult children ages 21 through 26 will be charged for. If your child qualifies to enroll on a group plan, get health insurance quotes for both private and company insurance coverage so you can compare prices and benefits.

  • Is there a surcharge for pre-existing conditions?

    Before the Affordable Care Act, Kaiser Permanente and other carriers added an extra charge for children with pre-existing medical conditions. As of 2014, surcharges are no longer applicable in California. An exception may be on grandfathered plans, which are health plans that were effective prior to March 23, 2010.

  • What about newborns?

    Previously, private children health insurance quotes for newborn babies were substantially higher than for infants or toddlers who were one year old or older. With the passing of Obamacare, newborn rates are not as dramatic.