Children Health Insurance Quotes

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Medical plans for kids under 19 can be very costly. Due to Healthcare Reform, rates have risen for children. Also, newborns and kids with serious medical issues will likely be charged even higher premiums. See below for information on how to get the most affordable child health insurance quotes available for your family.

Ask the Right Questions and Get the Best Premiums

When you know what questions to ask, you can still shop for the best price and even avoid unnecessary rate ups on individual health insurance for kids. Here are some questions you can ask different carriers when you’re shopping for family coverage or child only health insurance quotes:

  • Are there any discounts available for kids?

    There are usually no discounts, unless you qualify for low income coverage; however, there are ways of avoiding unnecessary surcharges. For example, with Kaiser Permanente in California, you may be able to avoid a 20 percent surcharge on individual child health insurance quotes by providing evidence of prior insurance, provided your child's most recent medical coverage was active within the last 90 days. In this situation, you would want to make sure the application is not submitted on the 91st day or later. 

  • What about newborns?

    Private children health insurance quotes for newborn babies are substantially higher than for infants or toddlers who are one year old or older. If you have a newborn under age one, ask what the price would be when the baby turns one and when that lower premium would take effect.

    If you have group coverage available for your kids, it is sometimes best to postpone enrollment on a private health plan until your baby is at least a year old. Of course, you would want to have the infant covered somewhere, and it would be very important to make sure that delaying enrollment on an individual medical plan will not create a situation where your newborn has a break in coverage.

  • Is there a surcharge for pre-existing conditions?

    The base rate on your child health insurance quote may not be what you end up paying. If your kid has a pre-existing condition, that child may receive a surcharge tacked onto the standard monthly premium. Ask what the minimum and maximum surcharge percentages could be. Often, the representative you speak with cannot give you an exact figure because the underwriter determines the percentage, but at least you can compare what the surcharge percentages are between companies, and still get the most affordable rates for your child.

    Tip: For Kaiser Permanente in California, the premium surcharge tacked onto rate quotations for a child with a pre-existing condition may be reduced if the child had a qualifying event in the last 63 days or the application is submitted in the month of the child’s birthday. A qualifying event is an extenuating circumstance, such as a new birth, adoption, loss of coverage, or a court order.

  • Is there a savings for having more children on the same plan?

    Children's health insurance quotes tend to be more affordable when kids are added as dependents on a group plan. As mentioned earlier, having two or more kids covered on business coverage can sometimes be more cost effective than on a personal health policy. If you qualify to enroll on a group plan, get health insurance quotes for both private and company insurance coverage so you can compare prices and benefits.

Note: Some children may qualify for government sponsored health insurance under the CHIP Program. Click here for more details.