Kaiser Permanente Colorado Health Insurance Plans & Quotes

Colorado Health Insurance

When comparing Colorado health insurance quotes, the key is finding the right coverage at the right price. Kaiser Permanente, America's leading HMO care provider, has made great strides in providing comprehensive quality care while maintaining affordable rates. Enter your zip code in the field to the right to obtain a quote for Colorado Individual Health Insurance or Colorado Group Health Insurance plans.

Ranked #1 Colorado Health Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente Colorado health insurance ranks #1 in the state and #6 in the nation according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2011-2012 with over 519,000 members. In addition, KaiserQuotes.com is a leading provider of free Colorado Health insurance quotes online.

Finding the Right Colorado Health Insurance Plan

Kaiser Permanente Colorado health insurance plans and quotes come in three main types: Copayment (Small Groups only), standard Deductible and Health Savings Account (“HSA”) Deductible Plans. Which kind you choose will depend on your specific goals and healthcare needs. Are you mainly looking for low monthly premiums, or are you looking for broader health insurance coverage? Consider the three types of coverage and choose the Colorado health plan which meets your needs best.

  • Copayment Health Plans (Small Business Groups only)

    Copayment plans require a KP Colorado health insurance plan member to pay a pre-determined fixed-dollar amount, which is called the “copay” for health insurance benefits received. There is no deductible so the insured tends to save on out-of-pocket expenses. All plans cover prescription drugs with the exception of one plan that has a pharmacy deductible. Even though copayment plans tend to be more expensive than deductible plans, many find that the predictable cost for Colorado health insurance provides peace of mind and is worth the tradeoff.

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  • Standard Deductible Health Plans

    Many Kaiser Permanente Colorado health plans cover doctor visits with a copayment before the deductible is met. Most of the deductible plans cover prescription medications, but some do not. Of those that include Rx coverage, most cover generic drugs with a copayment right away and only have an Rx deductible for brand name drugs. Hospitalization usually involves the covered member paying 30% or 40% coinsurance after the deductible. Emergency visits are not subject to a deductible. Be sure to select the right plan once you receive your free Colorado health insurance quotes.

  • HSA Deductible Health Plans

    Within deductible plans, Kaiser Permanente offers several Colorado health insurance plans which are HSA-compatible. This gives the insured the option of opening a health savings account to use for qualified medical expenses. To open an HSA account as part of your Colorado health insurance plan, visit the financial institution of your choice, including Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente’s preferred bank of choice.

On Kaiser Permanente private Colorado health plans with an HSA option, once the deductible is met, there is no charge for future covered expenses within the calendar year. This gives the individual and family HSA Plans extra appeal, especially with people who receive medical services infrequently.

Kaiser Permanente Facilities for Colorado Health Insurance

Members of Kaiser Permanente Colorado health insurance plans can find facilities in the Denver-Boulder Area and in Colorado Springs. Since January 1, 2011 all Kaiser Permanente Members within the state have been able to obtain medical services within the Southern Colorado or Denver/Boulder regardless of their primary service area. This crossover provides a broader array of physicians and facilities for all members to visit any Kaiser Permanente Colorado Medical Office.

Small Group members in the Fort Collins and Loveland area can receive services from Banner Hospital and neighboring affiliates, while Kaiser Permanente's new facilities are under construction. By early 2013, Kaiser Permanente aims to create additional facilities to service members with Colorado health insurance plans in Brighton and Larkridge.