KAISER PERMANENTE Colorado Group Health Insurance

As a business owner, you want a good deal on your small business health insurance in Colorado. You’ve got to protect your bottom line and you want a health care plan that attracts good employees while keeping them well. Healthy employees are more productive, but the cost-benefit analysis has to be right. Kaiser Permanente offers competitive rates for Colorado group health insurance in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas.

  • Get the right price for your business!
  • Attract and retain great employees!
  • Keep your workforce healthy!

How do I get a quote for small business health insurance in Colorado?

The process is easy. Enter your zip code above and click 'Go'. In as little as 30 seconds, you can complete a simple form to submit your Colorado small business health insurance quote request. Basic information will be requested, such as company contact information along with census details for employee(s)/owner(s) looking to be insured. Once received, a group specialist will process the request for Colorado business health insurance quotes and email the quotes in approximately one business day. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Kaiser Permanente Colorado group plans, you may contact a benefits specialist by calling 1-800-514-0958 and selecting option 3.

How can I enroll in a Colorado business health insurance?

Once you have reviewed the quotes and selected a Colorado business health plan, it is time to enroll. Download the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Group Application, complete the form, and fax it to 1-866-439-9993 or email to Support@KaiserQuotes.com. A Colorado group health insurance specialist will follow up with a phone call to discuss your business specifics and then email the remaining documents needed.

What are the right price points and benefits for me?

Business Employees with Open Sign

There are 17 Kaiser Permanente plan options for group health insurance in Colorado:

  • Classic HMO Plans: These Colorado group health insurance plans have no deductible. They offer the predictability and convenience of having first-dollar benefits. However, premiums tend to be at a higher cost.
  • Deductible/Coinsurance Plans and Deductible with HSA Plans: Those looking for more affordable Colorado business health insurance coverage with lower premiums and a greater balance of cost sharing may want to consider these options. The HSA Plans allow members to open an optional Health Savings Account to pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • PPO: Point of Service policies are Colorado group health insurance plans that provide the broadest of options and are specifically designed to be a healthcare solution for those employees located outside the Kaiser Permanente Service area.
  • State-Mandated Plans: Kaiser-Permanente offers the state-required "Basic" and "Standard" plans, as part of their offerings. These particular Colorado business health insurance plans are expensive. Usually, they are considered by Business Groups of 1, which is the only type of Colorado group that is subject to medical underwriting. When a Business Group of 1 applicant does not pass the medical review, then, the state-required plans tend to be a viable option.

Below are the different Colorado group health insurance policies available through Kaiser Permanente. To view the benefits and determine which options best meet your priorities and goals, enter your zip code and click "Go" in the top right corner of this page.

Classic HMO

Deductible HMO

Deductible w/ HSA


KP 0/35/Rx

KP 0/40/Rx




KP 1600/40/Rx

KP 2300/40/Rx

KP 3600/40/Rx

KP 5000/40/Rx

HSA 3500

HSA 4500

HSA 5950

Classic OOZ

OOA Plan SP01

OOA Plan SP02

OOA Plan SP03