KAISER PERMANENTE Colorado Individual Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente offers some of the lowest prices available on Colorado individual medical insurance and family health plans for the Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, and Pueblo areas. Find affordable medical coverage that you can depend on.

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Choosing the Right Colorado Individual Medical Insurance Coverage

Often, you’re not looking for the cheapest Colorado individual health insurance or the most expensive, but rather something in between the two. Most people want middle-of-the-road to low end Colorado individual health plans that still covers doctor visits and prescription drugs right away. When looking for individual health insurance in Colorado, there are several key questions to ask.

  • What monthly premium fits my budget?
  • How high a deductible amount am I ok with?
  • What out-of-pocket maximum do I feel comfortable with?
  • Do I want office visits and prescription drugs covered right away?
  • Would I like a plan that allows me to open a health savings account?

Colorado Individual Health Plans & Benefits

Kaiser Permanente has eleven Colorado individual health insurance plans. All of them cover doctor visits with a low copay before the deductible except for the HSA type. 

Most Popular Kaiser Permanente Colorado Individual Health Plans

Early 2012, Kaiser Permanente introduced a new portfolio of private health plans. The graduated deductible sizes and premiums are geared to meet a variety of needs. The four plans below are the most popular:

  • $1,000 Deductible 30% w/Rx. This plan covers office visits, prescriptions, and emergencies without a deductible. Exception: Brand name drugs are subject to a small deductible. Also, this plan offers the lowest deductible option.
  • $3,000 Deductible 30% w/Rx. This option is similar to the $1,000 Deductible Plan above, but the deductible is slightly higher, which allows you to have an even lower premium.
  • $5,000 Deductible 40% w/ Rx. This plan is ilike the above choices, but the premium savings are even greater. In exchange, the service costs are more, and the brand name drugs deductible is higher. If you are looking for a major medical plan but don't want a substantial out-of-pocket, take a look at this option. 
  • $7,500 Deductible 50% w/o Rx. This is the least expensive Kaiser Permanente plan. The deductible does not apply to frequently-used services, like office visits, urgent care, and emergencies. So, you can still have first-dollar benefits. 
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Most Affordable Kaiser Permanente Individual Health Insurance in Colorado

The following Kaiser Permanente Colorado individual health insurance plans are the two most economical options available. These policies would qualify as major medical coverage, which provides benefits mostly for catastrophic situations.

  • $7,500 Deductible 50% Plan: If you would like to save on your monthly premium by cutting prescription drug coverage but would like the benefit of immediate office visits and emergency visits for a low copayment, this Colorado individual health insurance policy would be the most affordable.
  • $6,000 Deductible 50% Plan: This policy covers office visits and emergencies without a deductible. All other covered services are subject to a $6,000 deductible. The most you would pay out of pocket would be a total of $8,500 in a calendar year. This plan of Colorado individual medical insurance is one of the most affordable options for catastrophic protection.

Note: Kaiser Permanente Colorado accepts child-only applications during open enrollment periods, or at any time when there is a qualifying event, such as a loss of coverage or if the child is a newborn, for example. For details, click Colorado Child Health Insurance.