Individual & Family Dental Plans
Find individual dental plans that can be added to your Kaiser Permanente health insurance as well as stand-alone dental plans. Enter your zip code and click GO.
Small Group Dental Plans
Find Delta Dental group plans that can be added to your Kaiser Permanente small business health insurance.

Under a California private policy, the dental benefits will be subject to what is called a "table of allowance". Coverage will be provided based on a set dollar amount for the services received. Click Individual Dental Health Insurance to see pricing information and an overview on how the plan works.

On a group dental health insurance policy, you'll find more comprehensive benefits, plus a variety of options to choose from; it is not based on a table of allowance. There are three plan categories:

  • Fee-for-Service: If you have a favorite dentist, consider this category.
  • Premier: This PPO option allows you to choose from a wide selection of in-network dentists.
  • Delta Care: If affordability matters most, check these plans.


Find a Dentist

Use the links below to find dentists that are covered on Kaiser Permanente/Delta Dental Health Insurance Plans.

  • California Individual and Family Dental Plans: To view a list of the in-network providers in your area, click here. On the next page, click "Continue" and enter your location information.
  • California Group Dental Plans: Click here and do the following steps:
    1. 1.Choose the type of dental plan that interests you (Delta Dental Premier, Delta Dental PPO or DeltaCare USA).
    2. 2.Select your state (i.e. California) from the drop down menu.
    3. 3.On the bottom left, click "Continue".
    4. 4.On the next page, go to the bottom and click "Continue". Then, a list of dentists will appear that take the coverage type you selected.