Kaiser Permanente Doctors

Looking for a doctor? Click "Find Doctors" below to search through for Kaiser Permanente doctors. See pictures and read profiles about physicians that practice near you. With Kaiser Permanente, you can choose your own doctor and you can change doctors at any time, no questions asked.

Kaiser Permanente Doctors

Finding the physician that is best for you is just as important as finding the right affordable medical insurance plan. That’s why Kaiser Permanente has many online tools and directories to help you get acquainted with the list of practitioners. Not only will you be able to view these lists based on practical issues, such as distance from your home, but more importantly, you’ll have a chance to read the biographies of the Kaiser Permanente doctors. You’ll find out how long they’ve been in practice, what their medical specialty is, and even what their personal interests and hobbies are. To some degree, you can also tell how friendly the doctor may be when you read their biography. This is good news, especially for a new member who is taking their first step in getting quality health care.

Selecting a KP Physician

It is the quality of the medical staff that makes Kaiser Permanente the leading HMO’s in the United States. Click Kaiser Permanente Physician to find a doctor according to the categories below:

  • Clinical Staff Directory: Find a medical practitioner based on your personal preferences, such as medical specialty, gender, hospital, or language. This feature is especially helpful for new members.
  • Choose a Doctor Now: Search through lists of Kaiser Permanente physicians who serve at the facility closest to you.
  • Physician’s Home Page: Find biographies and information related to their practice history.
  • Choose or Change Your Practitioner by Phone: Find a quick list of the phone numbers of nearby facilities and change KP doctors over the phone. If the physician you are interested in switching to is not accepting new patients, you can ask for a recommendation or assistance.
  • Affiliated Plan Providers: See the list of medical professionals who are contracted with Kaiser Permanente.

Why Kaiser Permanente Doctors

Kaiser Permanente understands the importance of having a medical professional you can trust and rely on. Kaiser Permanente doctors come with impressive training and backgrounds. Also, they make it a priority to stay informed on the latest technology. Click Nearly 200 Kaiser Permanente Physicians on U.S. News & World Report ‘Top Doctors’ List for a sampling of recent honors received by Kaiser Permanente doctors. Note that this particular award is based on physicians recommending other physicians.

Switch at Any Time without Giving a Reason

Not only do you get to choose your physician, you also can switch at any time, no questions asked. Members switch their doctors for all kinds of reasons. This is completely valid. You need to be very happy with your personal Kaiser Permanente physician. People often switch for some of the following reasons listed below, but keep in mind, you never have to give a reason for why you switch.

You may want a doctor who:

  • Moves at your pace.
  • Has a more enjoyable personality.
  • Is male or female.
  • Shares your personal interests.
  • Understands your cultural background.
  • Is sensitive to your religious views.
  • Supports your views on vaccinations.
  • Is helpful with advice on nutrition/exercise.
  • Has more skills and training on the particular medical condition that pertains to you.