Kaiser Permanente Georgia Group Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente Georgia ranks #1 for member satisfaction in the state, and here at KaiserQuotes.com you’ll find online quotes for affordable Kaiser Permanente GA small business medical insurance plans for Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Use the form above to get quotes, or use the link below to enroll.

How to Get Georgia Group Health Insurance Quotes

To request a Georgia group health insurance quote for your company, enter your zip code above, click 'Go', and complete the brief questionnaire that follows. You will be sent your quote in about one to two business days. You may have your quotes sent by email, fax or mail.

Three Types of Georgia Business Health Plans

The trick to obtaining quality GA group medical insurance is finding the fit that meets your medical needs as well as budget needs at the point of service and when it comes to paying monthly premiums. Below are benefit highlights of the three basic types of Kaiser Permanente Georgia business health insurance plans.

HMO Plans

These policies are ideal for people who want quality healthcare and affordability. Kaiser Permanente HMO Plans for Georgia group health insurance plans range from offerings without a deductible, to those that carry a high deductible so that you can balance benefits with pricing. A discounted copayment applies to most services, such as doctor visits, prescriptions, and outpatient mental health visits. Also, a number of the services that are subject to a deductible are free after the deductible is reached. Care can be obtained at Kaiser Permanente or through a network of 1,800 affiliated private-practice doctors.

Multi-Choice Plans

Consider these offerings if you want maximum choice of providers and are willing to pay a bit more. Kaiser Permanente Georgia group health insurance plan members can receive services from any of the provider tiers below:

  • Kaiser Permanente’s network (HMO)
  • Select Providers (Community Doctors)
  • PPO Providers (PHCS Network)
  • Non-participating Providers

The beauty of Multi-Choice Georgia small business health insurance plans is that you can go inside and outside the KP network; it’s not either/or. So if you prefer, you can receive care from a non-Kaiser Permanente provider for a particular condition, while also going to Kaiser Permanente for other services. The level of coverage will vary depending on which provider tier you go to.

HSA Plans

Small businesses and employees in Georgia who want the lowest premium options may do well with the HSA-Qualified Deductible HMO Plans. Georgia group health insurance plans which are compatible with an HSA (“Health Savings Account”) are designed for people who mainly want catastrophic protection. Preventive care visits are either no charge or subject to a low copayment. All other services will be an out-of-pocket until the deductible is met. These policies may be a good fit for someone who does not require frequent or costly services.

Why Employers Choose to Offer Small Group Health Insurance Coverage

Many employers would say they are looking for Georgia group health insurance coverage based on one or more of these scenarios.

  • I own a small business and was denied coverage under a personal plan. I heard that Georgia group health plans are automatically issued and do not take into account pre-existing conditions.
  • We are a husband and wife business and want to see if our rates would be lower on a GA medical group plan instead of on an individual-family policy.
  • Our company currently has Georgia business health insurance, but our rates have recently gone up and I’m shopping around to lower our rates.
  • I am not happy with our current Georgia small business health insurance and want better benefits.
  • I am a new start up business in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and need health benefits for my family and/or the new employee(s) we have just hired.

Whether your company is new to the market or well established, obtaining a quote may be the next step to better and more affordable health care.

Eligibility for Small Business and Self Employed

Self-employed individuals and those who own a business often qualify for Georgia group health insurance coverage. Below is a list of small group eligibility requirements for Kaiser Permanente Georgia:

  • 1. The company must consist of 2-50 employees.
  • 2. With groups of two or three, 100% participation is required.
  • 3. For employees to be eligible for Georgia business health insurance, they need to be:
    • Listed on the DOL-4 (Quarterly Tax and Wage Report)
    • Covered by workmen’s compensation insurance (not required for owner-only Georgia business health insurance)
    • Working 30 hours or more a week
  • 4. If the employee or business owner(s) are on salary, their salary must be at least the equivalent of       what one would earn working 30 hours a week at minimum wage.
  • 5. Owners and partners must actively participate in the business in order to be enrolled.

For questions about Georgia group health insurance quotes, plans and eligibility, please call 1-800-514-0958 and select option 3.