Kaiser Permanente Georgia Individual Health Insurance

Looking for medical coverage for yourself or your family? Kaiser Permanente offers affordable Georgia individual & family health insurance in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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Kaiser Permanente Georgia Individual Medical Plans

Kaiser Permanente offers 13 medical policies, which fit into four categories of Georgia individual health insurance plans: Classic, Essential, Advantage, and HSA Plans. The options are easy to understand and afford. All of these private health insurance plans in Georgia carry a deductible, offered in graduated sizes so you can better-match the benefits with the pricing that you want. Preventive care services are free and many commonly-needed services are not subject to the deductible; however, maternity benefits are excluded.

  • Classic Plans. These Georgia private health insurance options give you the broadest benefits in that you will have an unlimited number of primary and specialty care visits at a low copayment. Also, emergencies, generic drugs, and most lab and x-rays are not subject to the deductible.
  • Essential Plans. Like the Classic Plans, the Essential options allow many of the frequently needed services to be covered without a deductible. The key difference is that visits to a specialist are subject to a deductible. The strength of the Essential Plans is that your share of the cost for a major medical situation would be lower than most of the other Georgia individual health insurance plans. This is great news for people who want individual health insurance Georgia plans that provides affordable rates and a low maximum out of pocket, in the event of a catastrophic situation.
  • Advantage Plans. These particular Kaiser Permanente Georgia private health insurance plans are ideal for people who don’t see a doctor often. They tend to have the lowest premiums, but the trade-off is that you would pay more for major medical expenses under these plans than most of the other Kaiser Permanente options.
  • HSA Plan. Kaiser Permanente Georgia offers one HSA (“Health Savings Account”) plan. Under this Georgia individual medical plan, the deductible applies to all medical services except preventive care visits, which are free. Once the deductible is reached, then the covered services are free. The HSA tends to be one of the most affordable options for Georgia individual health insurance. Additionally, since it is HSA-compatible, you have the option of opening an HSA bank account for added peace of mind and savings on your taxes.

How do I apply for Georgia Individual Health Insurance?

You can apply online or print a paper application for individual health insurance in Georgia. The enrollment forms include 18 health-related questions. For a quicker turnaround, consider applying online. For information on the current turnaround, contact a Kaiser Permanente benefits specialist at 1-800-514-0958.

How will I be billed?

Your payment will be processed upon approval of your Georgia individual health insurance application. If you selected payment by credit card and the application is approved, the payment will be transacted shortly after the approval date. Likewise, if you request to be billed, you will be sent an invoice shortly after the decision date. In some cases, the first invoice could be for two months as payment is required in advance. Applications for family or individual health insurance in Georgia that are non-approved will not be charged.

Some applicants for private health insurance in Georgia are rated up, meaning they are offered insurance coverage but at a higher cost due to certain pre-existing health conditions. In the case of a rate up, you will receive notification by mail asking whether or not you accept the modified premium. Your credit card will not be charged until you reply with your acceptance of the rate up and the Georgia individual health insurance plan.