Kaiser Permanente Group Health Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente offers group health insurance plans aimed at meeting the needs of your small business (2-50 employees). As one of America’s leading providers of group medical coverage, the carrier provides an exceptional level of care while maintaining affordable pricing. For details regarding benefits and rates, enter your zip code and click the "Get Quotes" button. Kaiser Permanente Group Health Insurance Plans include the following benefits:

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Basic Benefits

  • Rx/Prescription Drugs
  • Labs & X-rays
  • Check Ups
  • Doctor & Specialist Visits

Family Interests

  • Maternity
  • Prenatal
  • Well Child Visits
  • Family Planning

Serious Need

  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Care
  • Out-patient Surgery
  • Hospitalization

Choosing the Right Business Health Insurance Plan

Employers must consider quality of coverage and affordability when choosing a small group health insurance plan. Kaiser Permanente business coverage makes this endeavor very possible. Employers often have some of the following questions:

  • How can I get an affordable group health plan without settling for less than optimal coverage?
  • Should I choose a Copayment, a Deductible, or an HSA Plan for my business?
  • Which group insurance plan will provide the best combination of low cost and quality coverage?

Employers maintaining a close eye on the bottom line want an affordable small business health insurance plan that offers quality coverage to their employees. Overly expensive coverage can become an excessive burden on the business and even the staff. In most cases health insurance costs are shared between the employees and the company. Kaiser Permanente offers quality group health insurance plan coverage at competitive prices. The larger the group, the greater the discount for which the business will qualify.

Copayment Plans

Kaiser Permanente Group Copayment Plans offer benefits with no medical deductibles. Those covered will have low cost office visits and prescription drug copayments. Plans include copayments for all covered benefits including emergency, surgery, and hospitalization.

Deductible Plans

The small group health insurance plans with deductibles offer more affordable monthly premiums and include some benefits before the deductible is met. Some commonly utilized benefits such as doctor visits and prescription drugs are often covered immediately once you are enrolled. Primary and specialty care visits usually only require a copayment which is not subject to the deductible.

HSA Deductible Plans

Kaiser Permanente has Health Savings Account ("HSA") Plans for groups. Small business health insurance plans with HSA often offer the most affordable monthly premiums while allowing federal tax sheltering for medical expenses. Employees covered on a group insurance plan with HSA have the option of opening a health savings account, and both employees and employers may contribute to them. Contributions made to these accounts are tax deductible from your federal taxes. Plus, some of these healthcare policies offer 100% coverage after the deductible is met. Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo have teamed up to offer enrollees greater savings and convenience on HSA qualified business plans.

Vision Coverage

Kaiser Permanente is one of the top providers of vision care in the United States up there next to companies like Wal-Mart and Costco. Many business health insurance plans include vision exams with a copayment and discounts on services from the Optical Department. Some policies include an allowance for eyewear.

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental coverage can be added to many of the Kaiser Permanente group health plans across the U.S. Dental plans vary in pricing and benefits. Policies that limit the number of dentists you can see tend be the most affordable.

Multiple Plan Offerings for Small Groups

Different states and carriers have varying requirements regarding offering more than one plan. You will usually need to have a certain number of covered employees for your business health insurance plan to qualify for a multiple plan offering. Groups with more covered employees are able to give their workers more options.

Small Business Health Insurance for Groups of One

Some states allow group health insurance plan coverage to be offered to businesses with only one person on the plan. There may be requirements regarding the amount of hours worked and the amount of income gained from the company. Also, that employee may need to lack eligibility to be a member on another group health plan. Check with your broker or the carrier to see if business group-of-one coverage is offered in your state and if you qualify.