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Kaiser Permanente Group Health Insurance Quotes

Kaiser Permanente is the leading provider of quality, affordable group health insurance plans in the USA. Get quotes in two minutes by filling out a short online form. Find the right group medical insurance coverage for your company at the right price. Enter your zip code and click "Get Quotes" to view rates on Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance. 

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  • Pay month to month and cancel business health insurance at any time!
  • Remove employees from the group health insurance plan during the year as needed!
  • Add employees for medical insurance coverage during the year.
  • No denials for pre-existing health conditions!

For more information about your particular state, please click on California Group Health Insurance, Colorado Group Health Insurance, or Georgia Group Health Insurance.

How will I receive my business health insurance quotes?

Fill out a short online form to get group health insurance quotes. In some states, small business health insurance rates can be viewed online, while in other states you receive your rates by email once your request is processed. Employer contribution amounts toward group health insurance plans are set by the company, but must meet the minimum requirements of your state.

Is my small business eligible for group health insurance?

Most states and carriers require at least two people to be working at the company to qualify for business health insurance. Husband-wife groups qualify only if they have at least one hired full time employee. Companies with 51 or more employees qualify for large group health insurance coverage.

Eligibility for Medical Insurance Coverage

Group health insurance carriers and state legislatures are looking for what is termed an "employer/employee relationship" to determine which employees qualify for small business medical insurance coverage. Contract employees and 1099 employees are often deemed ineligible. In some states however, 1099 employees may qualify for an employer's group health insurance plan as long as they make up less than a certain percentage of your group and are contracted solely, or mostly, with your company. Exceptions usually apply for small business proprietors, partners and corporate officers. Employees usually must work at least 20 to 30 hours per week and be on payroll to be eligible for group medical insurance coverage with your company. Check with your agent or broker before requesting quotes for 1099 employees.

Can my small business be denied group health insurance?

If your business qualifies for group health insurance, there are no denials for health reasons. There are no medical questionnaires.