Why use a Health Insurance Broker?

Specialization and Knowledge

A health insurance broker is helpful in finding a medical plan that is right for you. They specialize in knowing the variety of health benefits available, as well as being informed on the processing and enrollment guidelines of the insurance companies they represent. As such, they can be an invaluable resource for people who are looking for health insurance.

No Fees!

According to Federal Law, medical insurance brokers cannot charge fees or raise the prices for health insurance. This means you are getting personal service and extra representation at no extra cost!

Faster Processing Time

Health insurance brokers know the fastest and most painless way to get you through the application process. They can also help answer questions you might have in filling out the application so that it's complete and minimizes processing delays. 

What to Look for in a Health Insurance Broker

A broker should specialize in the product you are looking for and provide clear and concise answers to your questions. No one wants to sign up for health insurance without knowing that it is the right product for them. If your medical insurance broker doesn’t have answers to your questions, they should either find out the answer and call you with it, or at least, point you in the right direction.

Additionally, a broker should be easy to get a hold of, because they will give you their first and last names with their direct phone number and email address. Because brokerage firms are smaller than direct health insurance companies, it takes less time to get in touch with a live person.

How to Locate a Medical Insurance Broker

You’ve already found one! KaiserQuotes.com is your personal Kaiser Permanente health insurance broker. We only sell Kaiser Permanente health insurance and will provide our personalized expertise to you at no extra cost. For a customized quote for yourself, your family, or your business, contact us at 1-800-514-0958 or support@kaiserquotes.com.