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Individual Health Insurance from Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of affordable individual health insurance plans. You do not have to have an employer that offers coverage in order to enroll. Tax credits and cost sharing are also available on Kaiser Permanente exchange plans during open enrollment periods.

Call 1-800-514-0958 to enroll for individual health insurance from Kaiser Permanente.

Other types of individual health insurance from Kaiser Permanente include: 

Private Health Insurance Plans

Family Health Insurance Plans

Student Health Insurance Plans

How will Obamacare affect me and my health insurance?

If you are not offered coverage through your employer, Obamacare could be very good for you. Many Americans are qualifying for subsidies from the federal government to pay for a portion of their individual health insurance premiums, even up to 100% of their monthly cost. 

If your income is below 139% of the federal poverty level (“FPL”) in California, then you would qualify for Medi-Cal, but if you are between 139% and 400% of the FPL, then you may qualify for tax subsidies toward an individual health insurance plan from Kaiser Permanente or another carrier. If you are low to middle income, then you will likely qualify for subsidies which will make your health insurance plan more affordable.

Everyone has to get individual health insurance, right?

Yes, most Americans will be required to be covered on a health insurance plan for at least nine months in 2014. This is called “The Mandate”. Otherwise, you will be subject to a penalty, which is the greater of $95 per adult ($47.50 per child) or 1% of your taxable income. After 2014, this tax penalty goes up each year until it reaches $695 per adult ($347.50 per child) plus cost of living adjustment or 2.5% of your taxable income. So you can either pay the tax or enroll in one of many Kaiser Permanente individual health insurance plans.

"Minimum Coverage" Health Plans for Individuals in Their 20’s

Catastrophic plans are available for individuals up to age 30. These plans are also known as "Minimum Coverage Plans". Coverage on these individual plans are below the minimum essential benefits threshold for standard Obamacare plans; however, this allowance was made primarily to make individual medical insurance from health care providers, like Kaiser Permanente, more affordable for young people.

The Affordable Care Act requires that rates for people in their 60’s be no more than three times the rates of those in their 20’s. This has caused health insurance rates to go up for individuals in their 20’s. In order to offset this added expense, Health Care Reform has made special catastrophic plans available for those in their 20’s to help them lower their monthly premiums. These catastrophic plans give you lesser benefits, a higher deductible and a higher out-of-pocket maximum in exchange for lower monthly premiums.

For assistance, call 1-800-514-0958 to reach Kaiser Permanente direct and to discuss your individual health insurance plan options. Representatives are available to calculate your subsidy and give you rates on the various personal health plans that are available for you.