Kaiser Permanente Individual Health Insurance Plans

The Affordable Care Act has changed the face of individual health insurance plans in America. However, you'll find that behind much of the new terminology are benefit packages that you are already familiar with. Use the form to the right to find affordable Kaiser individual health insurance plans that meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. You may enroll or switch plans the fall of 2014, unless you have a qualifying life event which allows you to enroll any time of the year.

All of these individual health insurance plans meet the "minimum essential benefits" requirements of Obamacare, so you will meet the mandate and not have to worry about the Health Care Reform penalty. Also, based on your income, government tax credits are available if you apply through the Covered California Health Insurance Exchange. View private health plans and rates instantly online. Kaiser individual health insurance benefits include:

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  • Doctor Visits
  • Specialty Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Labs and X-Rays
  • Emergency
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulance Rides
  • Mental Health Services

How to Find the Right Kaiser Health Plan for You

View the various Kaiser Permanente individual plans and find the one that fits your needs as far as cost and benefits. Consider the monthly premiums compared with the coverage that is offered. And, don't forget that based on your income, you may qualify for a government subsidy if you apply through Covered California. The New Marketplace includes "metalic plans". They are, in order of richest benefits to most affordable, the Platinum Plan, the Gold Plan, the Silver Plan and the Bronze Plan.

Platinum and Gold Plans: Richer Benefits and Higher Premiums

Individuals looking for richer benefits for the family or for maternity coverage for a wife who may become pregnant may be interested in choosing from the Platinum or Gold Kaiser Permanente individual health insurance plans. These personal plans offer more first dollar benefits and thus tend to be more expensive in regard to monthly premiums. Both of these individual plans have no deductibles. Before the days of Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act, these type plans were referred to as "Copayment Plans". Doctor visits, emergency care and hospitalization are all covered immediately with varying copayments. Generally, the Platinum Plan has the lowest out-of-pocket maximum of all the individual health plans at $4,000 per individual and $8,000 per family. The Gold Plan has the same out-of-pocket maximum as the Silver and Bronze Plans at $6,350 per individual and $12,700 per family.

Silver and Bronze Plans: More Affordable Premiums

Those who wish to have lower monthly premiums often prefer the Kaiser Permanente Silver and Bronze Plans. The Silver Plan offers middle-of-the-road private coverage that many individuals find to be just the right balance of quality benefits and affordable premiums. We are expecting that 40-60% of the market will end up on Silver Plans. We expect the next most popular plan to be the Bronze Plan because it is the most affordable. Young, healthy people and those with limited income will find the Bronze Plans to be very attractive. The Silver Plan offers many services at a low copayment before the deductible is met, but the non-HSA Bronze Plan only covers 3 primary care doctor visits before the deductible is met. If you qualify for Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR), this is only available on the Silver Plan. Depending on your level of Cost Sharing Reduction, you may qualify for better benefits than a Gold or even a Platinum Plan, and still only have to pay the premiums for a Silver Plan.

Bronze Health Insurance Plans with HSA

When shopping for a Kaiser individual health plan in the new marketplace, you will notice that some carriers offer two Bronze Plans, one regular plan and one plan with HSA. The Bronze Plan with HSA allows you to open a health savings account. Any funds you deposit into your health savings account are tax deductible on your federal taxes and the money is earmarked for qualified medical expenses. The benefits are a little different on these HSA Plans. The main difference is that, other than preventative care, all other services including doctor visits are subject to the deductible. So you get the HSA potential that you do not have with the other Kaiser individual plans, but you do have to pay full price for primary care visits until you reach your deductible.

Those who are looking for the cheapest Kaiser Permanente individual health insurance plans, tend to like the Bronze Plans or the Bronze Plans with HSA. They are the closest thing in the new marketplace that you'll find to the old High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) coverage options, otherwise known as catastrophic health insurance coverage. These High Deductible Health Plans have the lowest monthly premiums and the  highest deductibles. The Kaiser Permanente Bronze HSA has a deductible of $4,500 per person and $9,000 per family. The standard Bronze Plan has a deductible of $5,000 per person and $10,000 per family.