Kaiser Permanente Individual Applications

Now that the Covered California open enrollment period is past, you may next apply for a Kaiser Permanente individual health insurance the fall of 2014. You may apply outside of the open enrollment period only if you had a qualifying life event and you complete an application within 60 days of the life event. Some examples of life events would be if you lost your health plan due to a job loss, or your work hours were reduced, or you aged off of your parent’s health plan.

Couple Looking at Forms

To apply for a Kaiser Permanente individual health insurance plan due to a qualifying event, first get a quote. You may get quotes either directly from Kaiser Permanente or through Covered California. Complete the form to the right to obtain quotes from Kaiser Permanente directly.

Note that you may qualify for government subsidies that reduce your premium, but only if you enroll through Covered California and meet the income requirements. Depending on your age and where you live, $46,680 is the maximum income for one person to potentially qualify for a tax credit in 2014. For a family of four, the maximum income threshold in 2014 is $95,400.

After you obtain a quote, find a plan that works best for you and submit an application online. If the date that you complete the Kaiser Permanente individual application is between the first and fifteenth of the month, your plan will be effective the first of the next month. If you complete the application after the fifteenth, then, the plan will start the first of the following month.