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Get free health insurance quotes online. After entering basic information such as zip code, gender and date of birth, you will be able to view your personalized medical insurance quotes on the web, and there is no obligation to buy.

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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Quotes

In the new world of Health Care Reform and government subsidies, getting affordable Kaiser Permanente health insurance quotes has never been easier. Government subsidies are available to individuals and families with income under 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. Calculate your subsidy and get affordable health insurance quotes online from Kaiser Permanente. It’s easy! Just type in your zip code above to get started. Fill out the online form and let us help you sort through medical insurance plans and rates in order to help you find the healthcare coverage that best fits your needs and budget. 

Do I qualify for a government subsidy?

Call 1-800-514-0958 to speak directly with a live Kaiser Permanente sales representative. Your representative can calculate the subsidy amount you would qualify for, help you choose a plan and get you enrolled over the phone. Or, in less than two minutes, you can get free health insurance quotes online. 

  • Get free, instant Kaiser health insurance quotes online!
  • Find the lowest Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Rates available!
  • Get live support and enroll online, on paper or by phone!
  • Get coverage that fulfills the Obamacare mandate and helps you avoid penalties!

How affordable are the new Kaiser rates under Healthcare Reform?

Your government subsidy (if you qualify) will be calculated into your quotes, which depending on your income could make your Kaiser Permanente rates more affordable than ever. You will see Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. The Bronze plans are the most affordable and the Platinum Plans have the richest coverage. Compare the benefits and pricing on the various metallic plans. Also, you’ll see three dollar amounts in your Kaiser health insurance quotes: your subsidy amount (the amount the government will be paying toward your health plan), the standard rate for that particular Kaiser plan, and the rate you will be paying after the subsidy is calculated in (standard rate minus subsidy amount). 

If your household income is 138% of the Federal Poverty Level or below (100% in some states), you qualify for Medicaid, but if you have a household income of 139% - 250% of FPL, you may qualify for Cost Sharing Reduction on the Silver Plan. This means that you qualify for improved benefits on the Silver Plan. If you qualify for CSR, your benefits on the Silver Plan will be improved by 3%, 17%, or 24%. The three Silver Cost Sharing Reduction Plans are the Silver 73, the Silver 87, and the Silver 94. If you qualify for a Silver Plan with CSR, especially if it’s the Silver 87 or the Silver 94, it would most likely be in your best interest to go with that Silver Plan. Your coverage will be equivalent or better than a Gold or Platinum plan and your Kaiser Permanente health insurance quotes will be much more affordable.

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