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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Rates

Find affordable rates on Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance. Cut your costs and maintain the coverage you need to protect your family should illness occur. See below to find out the various factors that affect health insurance premiums and how you can take advantage of these factors to save money.

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How to Lock in Lower Premiums

Traditionally, health insurance premiums for people who are not yet enrolled usually go up twice a year. Some carriers adjust rates four times per year. Apply now before the next rate increase. For many of the KP private health plans and group plans, cost adjustments are scheduled for new policies with an effective date of January 1st and July1st. In most cases, we recommend applying 2 months before the prices change in order to lock in the current rates before they go up. 

Premiums Change at Renewal: Once you are enrolled, your monthly cost will usually stay fixed until your renewal date, unless you make mid-term changes, such as relocate, add or delete members, or switch plans. Then, the premium will likely be changed in the middle of the policy term.

If you are covered on a Kaiser Permanente personal medical plan, the renewal date will be either January or July of each year.

If you are enrolled under a Kaiser Permanente group plan, the renewal date will be the annual anniversary of your employer's policy effective date.

Factors that Cause Your Rates to Rise

You need to understand what will affect your healthcare costs so you know how to maneuver the medical insurance market and so you are not caught unaware by rising insurance rates. See below for factors that affect the premiums on individual and group healthcare policies:

  • Issues Related to Individual Plans: On a personal health plan, your cost is affected by your age and where you live. In some states, pre-existing medical conditions, being a smoker, and/or not having prior insurance could also have a bearing on your premium.
  • Issues Related to Group Coverage: Under a company health policy, what matters is your age, where the business is located, and if your plan includes dependents. Often, larger families can have a lower rate under a company plan because there is a flat fee for children; the charge is the same for one kid or more. In most states, there is no charge for pre-existing conditions on business plans. However, your health condition or those of other covered employees on the group plan could indirectly affect your premiums at renewal. Businesses may be surcharged for over-utilization of coverage.
  • Changing Locations: Moving can also affect your rates. If you relocate, bear in mind that it could affect the price of your health insurance and your eligibility in some cases. 

What are my options if I can’t afford the premium anymore?

If the cost has become unmanageable, talk with your agent or the insurance company about downgrading to a plan with lesser benefits. As the coverage diminishes, so does the premium. Be sure to evaluate your health needs or those of your family. If you have medical conditions, it’s important that you weigh the benefits with the cost; in some cases, you could be saving money on a broader plan in the long run.

Get quotes from multiple carriers. Obtain quotes for the family together when you can and for each person separately. Sometimes it makes sense to put one person on a richer plan and the rest of the family on lower priced coverage.

Why did my premium jump at renewal?

If you are an existing Kaiser Permanente member and your costs at renewal have spiked, there may be a reasonable explanation. Apart from the regular, annual rate increases there are two main factors that cause premiums to jump.

  • You had a birthday.

    A common reason for current members to get a big price increase is a birthday. If your birthday brings you to the next age and price band, your rates could jump. For some carriers, the premiums are adjusted soon after a birthday; for other carriers, you won’t see the increase until renewal.

  • You have co-workers who are over-utilizing your group plan.

    If you are covered under your employer’s plan, your rates could increase even if you hardly use it, if another enrollee has a major medical situation or is utilizing the plan. If you don’t have medical issues, get a quote for a private plan to see if the price is better for you to enroll on an independent policy.

Also, if you have an individual plan with a company that does pooling, this can cause odd premium increases to occur. Whenever possible, contact the carrier or your agent, to learn more about your renewal policy. The cost of medical insurance may be on the rise, but if you stay informed, you will at least know what to expect and what you can do about it.