Kaiser Permanente Hospital Locations

Click the orange button below to find locations of Kaiser Permanente hospitals and medical facilities. See which locations include family practice, specialty care, emergency, urgent care and more.

Kaiser Permanente Hospital Locations

Find Kaiser Permanente facilities in your area. Medical centers include the following:

  • Highly qualified healthcare staff
    • Nurses
    • Doctors
    • Surgeons
    • Other Medical Technicians
  • State of the art technology
  • World-renowned electronic medical records
  • Lab Testing & Radiology

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  • Ohio

Kaiser Permanente Locations

Kaiser Permanente Locations to Obtain Services

For your Kaiser Permanente health insurance policy to cover a medical service, you generally have to receive services at a Kaiser Permanente facility. An exception would be emergencies and urgent care needs. In the event of an emergency or urgent care situation, go to the nearest medical facility; it does not have to be Kaiser Permanente. To qualify as a covered visit, submit a claim with Kaiser Permanente. Other criteria may apply to be a covered expense, so if you have an emergency or urgent care need and you are seeking treatment outside of the network, be sure to contact Kaiser Permanente as soon as reasonably possible. You can find the telephone number on the back of your membership card.

If you are not a member, you can still be treated for an emergency service at Kaiser Permanente. If you need medical attention for something other than an emergency or urgent care need, it is best to seek medical attention from your regular provider.

In some regions and under selected health plans, you can also receive covered health services from affiliated providers or non-participating providers. Check with your insurance representative for details.

Medical Offices Across the Country

Kaiser Permanente offers affordable coverage in a handful of states across the country, but you’ll find the most Kaiser Permanente locations in the state of California. The wide presence of hospitals and medical centers in the golden state have enabled the carrier to play a dominant role throughout California and especially in Northern California including the San Francisco Bay Area where Kaiser Permanente members make up 40 percent of the covered population. Still, the health care provider lacks a presence in areas such as the territory north of Sacramento, in the San Cruz County, and in some of the less populated Central Valley and desert areas.

Kaiser Permanente Georgia has been adding facilities in and around the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area. In Douglas County, Colorado, construction of a multi-specialty medical center was recently began. Other Colorado KP medical offices can be found in Denver, Boulder and the Colorado Springs areas.