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KQ Insurance Services Launches Google Plus Contest

Health Insurance Agency Offers Chance to Win Prize While Promoting Wellness and Increasing Followers.
People Getting a Massage
Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) January 21, 2013

KQ Insurance Services has officially launched their next Google Plus contest. The winner will receive $100 towards a massage! From now until March 29th, Google+ users will have the chance to participate by clicking +1 on KQ’s Google+ Profile and by sharing KQ’s Google Plus contest posts. The follower with the most +1’s & Shares wins!
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Should I Get a Flu Shot or Not?

New KQ Webpage Explores Who Should and Shouldn’t Get a Flu Vaccine.

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) October 29, 2012

Did you know that, each year, about three to five million people catch the flu and approximately 250,000 to 500,000 die from it worldwide? Also, did you know that certain people are considered high-risk cases for catching the flu? For many, getting a flu shot is a good way to prevent the flu, but be aware that for some people, a flu shot could be detrimental. Just in time for the flu season, addresses these and other related points on their new webpage regarding the flu. Click Flu Vaccine for more information.
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New Health Reform Video Gives Consumers Basic Facts

Video on Health Reform Basics Released by KQ Insurance Services

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) August 29, 2012

KQ Insurance Services has done it again! The health insurance agency has released another video as part of their marketing strategy to educate consumers on health insurance topics. The latest installment is a video on Health Reform basics. For a quick-read on Health Reform basics, click: The video is short, informative, and entertaining. In just under two minutes, the Health Reform video explains basic facts covered in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is almost 2,000 pages long.

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Latest Video Release on Finding Affordable Health Insurance

KQ Insurance Services Launches New Video on Finding Health Insurance

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) August 6, 2012

On August 6, 2012, KQ Insurance Services, a leading health insurance agency, released their highest quality video to date! It is a very informative, fun, and fast-paced way to learn how to get quotes for Kaiser Permanente health insurance online. Also, it helps viewers get acquainted with the services offered by KQ in helping individuals, families, and companies meet their medical insurance needs.

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Pre-Existing Health Conditions: They’re Not Irrelevant Yet!

KQ Insurance Services Launches Video to Help People with Pre-Existing Conditions

On July 10, 2012, KQ Insurance Services released a Youtube video explaining “What is a pre-existing health condition?” This video goes into detail about what a pre-existing condition is and how it will affect you when applying for health insurance. Health Care Reform may have passed and been upheld, but it has not gone into effect yet. That means that a person can still be denied health insurance due to a prior condition.

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Health Reform Made Easy

Health Reform 2014
KQ Insurance Services Launches Three Web Pages to Help People Understand Health Care Reform

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) July 6, 2012

Today, KQ Insurance Services, a leading health insurance broker, posted three webpages related to Health Care Reform in order to assist the general public in getting ready for 2014.
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KQ Insurance Services Releases Video on California Individual Health Insurance

Video Marketing Effort Assists California Health Plan Shoppers

On June 28, 2012, KQ Insurance Services posted a video on YouTube to help California individual health insurance shoppers with the process of finding the right California Private Health Insurance Plan. The video on health insurance simplifies an otherwise complicated topic. It goes over benefit basics, what to look for when choosing a California Health Plan, and information on how to apply. In addition, the health insurance agency shares tips on finding their plan recommendations.

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New Idea to Promote Google+ Following

Google+ Health Insurance ContestKQ Insurance Services Gives Prize at 500 Google Plus Members

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) June 28, 2012

KQ Insurance Services, a health insurance agency in Northern California, will be giving away an iPad 3 once they reach 500 followers on Google+. If anyone +1’s KQ on Google +, then they are automatically entered to win this prize. Sharing KQ’s Google+ posts can increase the number of contest entries and chances to win.
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