Online Health Insurance Agency Gets Their Captain Back

Health Insurance Agency Manager, Jessica HowlandAfter 4 Years of Working Remotely, Jessica Howland Returns to Santa Rosa Headquarters

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) December 7, 2011

KQ Insurance Services, a leading online broker for affordable medical insurance, is pleased to announce the return of Jessica Howland to Santa Rosa, California and to her post as Office Manager. In 2007, Jessica left her leadership role after working with the company for two years. However, she continued working remotely for KQ Insurance Services while completing a degree in psychology and counseling through Louisana Baptist University.

KQ Insurance Services was started by Bill Hansen and his son, John Hansen, at the end of 2004. It was a family business founded with internet startup flair in the Hansen family’s back yard granny unit. The first office manager was Bill Hansen’s daughter, Rebekah Hansen, followed by Leah Howland a family friend from church. Then Leah’s older sister, Jessica Howland, came on board to serve under her younger sister as the assistant manager overseeing the individual health insurance benefits specialists in the call center. In 2007, after Leah got married and relocated to Southern California, Jessica became the company’s third office manager. A little over a year later, in the Fall of 2008, it was Jessica’s turn to leave. She went away to school, but she continued working for the company off-site as a benefits specialist. During this time, she served under two different office managers, Esmeralda Mercado and Angie Perez, both of whom she had personally trained.

In September 2011, Jessica returned to the office and to her leadership position. Today, Jessica Howland has the prestigious honor of being both the third and sixth manager of KQ Insurance Services. “Jessica has accomplished a feat that few could manage,” commented CEO John Hansen. “Not only did she serve under her younger sister, but after being Office Manager, she went on to work under two former subordinates that she had trained. Moreover, she has returned to her post with these two former office managers still present, and she has lead the company through this transition process while keeping the team happy. Her graciousness and wisdom have made this possible.”

Esmeralda Mercado and Angie Perez continue to be valued employees of the company; however, their roles have changed. Esmeralda transitioned to web content writing in 2010. At that time, Angie stepped in as office manager until her recent transition to Latino Outreach Services. When Jessica announced her return to Santa Rosa in the Spring of 2011, Ms. Perez suggested that Jessica take the manager role again. “I knew this would be a natural transition for the team,” said Angie. “Plus it would free me up to focus on Latino outreach and our Seguro Médico web pages.”

About KQ Insurance Services
Since 2005, KQ Insurance Services has ranked as one of the top online individual and group health insurance agencies. The company consists of benefits specialists who provide personalized insurance services to individuals and businesses needing assistance with enrollment, quotes, and health plan questions.


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