The Path to Health Insurance Game Board

Private Health Insurance Info-GraphicNew Web Page Makes Getting Private Health Insurance Understandable and Fun

Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) March 30, 2012

KQ Insurance Services has made shopping for private health insurance less threatening and even entertaining. On March 30th, 2012, this online health insurance agency launched a new web page with a visual of a game board called “The Path to Getting Private Health Insurance Coverage”.

“Getting affordable medical insurance can be a daunting task,” said CEO, John Hansen. “Many don’t know where to start or even what questions to ask. This game board gives a clear picture of the process, so people know what to do in order to find the right private health insurance coverage for their families.”

This info-graphic looks like a child’s board game, something most people are familiar with. Each spot on the game board shows a step in the process of getting individual medical insurance coverage. There are two game pieces colored blue and yellow. These game pieces represent two individuals who experience divergent paths when shopping for private health insurance. “The first three steps are the same for Blue and Yellow,” said Thomas Cazneau, Social Media Administrator at KQ Insurance Services. “Both must Get Quotes, Choose a Plan, and Apply. Then their personal health insurance paths split.”

Yellow represents an individual who has been approved for private health insurance coverage. Once approved, he can start using the insurance plan. Blue represents someone who has been denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. He has the opportunity to appeal this denial through recent test results proving that his pre-existing condition is either under control or has been resolved. Often times obtaining this information takes time, so many customers research other options that are designed for those recently denied for coverage.

At first this visual only displayed one game piece, but KQ Insurance Services realized the importance for customers to be able to identify with both possible journeys on this “Path to Getting Private Health Insurance Coverage”. They hope that customers will be able to more clearly understand the steps necessary to getting individual health insurance coverage.

About KQ Insurance Services
Since 2005, KQ Insurance Services has ranked as one of the top online individual and group health insurance agencies. The company consists of benefits specialists who provide personalized insurance services to individuals and businesses needing assistance with enrollment, quotes, and health plan questions.



Comment from Mehmet
Time: May 12, 2012, 2:03 pm

I don’t know where you got your figures, but as someone who has had private medical insurance and now am on Medicare, private does much better. Yes, it is higher priced, but Medicare is far from being free either. We pay a monthly premium for it that totally exceeds $150 a month each and the coverage is horrible. I used to be part of an employer based plan where I paid less than that, and got excellent coverage. The only thing I ever had to pay was a small copay for doctor and prescriptions.I think the best plans are those offered by employers because they are group plans. Medicare SHOULD BE the largest group plan but the group it covers are those who have the biggest health problems so it is a lot of money.Medicare recipients can get better coverage for less money if they take out a private plan where they can become of a group comprised of all ages. That is actually what Obama was attempting to do with the uninsured in the country. The problem is that the uninsured did not have to pay anything for it at all so that only means that the premiums will go up for everyone else to pay for them.I would happily pay my $150 per month to a group plan to get better coverage.

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