Pre-Existing Health Conditions: They’re Not Irrelevant Yet!

KQ Insurance Services Launches Video to Help People with Pre-Existing Conditions

On July 10, 2012, KQ Insurance Services released a Youtube video explaining “What is a pre-existing health condition?” This video goes into detail about what a pre-existing condition is and how it will affect you when applying for health insurance. Health Care Reform may have passed and been upheld, but it has not gone into effect yet. That means that a person can still be denied health insurance due to a prior condition.

This video is just one of the many resources KQ Insurance Services has for people with pre-existing health conditions. They have blogs and webpages that also give valuable information like “Options for people who have been denied due to pre-existing health conditions.” “In 2014 the fate of people with health conditions that are trying to get insurance will be very different, but until then, we want to keep the public informed about what their options are right now.” said Jacob Hansen, Enrolment and Benefits Specialist at KQ Insurance Services. The fact is that it is still good to get health insurance now while you are healthy and before a significant illness or injury comes along.
About KQ Insurance Services

Since 2005, KQ Insurance Services has ranked as one of the top online individual and group health insurance agencies. The company consists of benefits specialists who provide personalized insurance services to individuals and businesses needing assistance with enrollment, quotes, and health plan questions.


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