KQ Insurance Services Launches Google Plus Contest

Health Insurance Agency Offers Chance to Win Prize While Promoting Wellness and Increasing Followers.
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Santa Rosa, CA (KQ Insurance Services Press) January 21, 2013

KQ Insurance Services has officially launched their next Google Plus contest. The winner will receive $100 towards a massage! From now until March 29th, Google+ users will have the chance to participate by clicking +1 on KQ’s Google+ Profile and by sharing KQ’s Google Plus contest posts. The follower with the most +1’s & Shares wins!

“We realize that after the holidays, most people are dealing with loads of stress due to the busyness of the holiday season. So we felt like this giveaway would be a fun way to promote wellness through relaxation. We also hope to increase our number of followers”, says Thomas Cazneau, Social Media Admin at KQ.

This is the second contest that KQ has hosted on Google+. Their first Google+ giveaway was an iPad 3, which brought in close to 300 new followers. This time around, the health insurance agency is hoping to draw in more followers, not only interested in a winning a fun prize, but also in discussing health related topics.

“We are treating our journey on Google Plus contest much like our past journey on Facebook. When we first started our Facebook profile, we gave away an iPhone 4 and an iPad2, driving our Fan numbers significantly higher. Then, we focused on giving away more health related prizes. Today we have 5,800+ Fans! Needless to say, we plan to approach Google+ in a similar fashion and hope to produce similar results.” Cazneau says.

The Google+/Facebook relationship is a current hot topic of consideration for the health insurance agency, especially since they have an account on both social media platforms. Google+ has been projected to increase in popularity this year, but at the moment, Facebook remains as the #1 social media platform that online users prefer. Will that change in the near future? John Hansen, the CEO of KQ Insurance Services, compares this Google+/Facebook relationship with the 2006 Facebook/MySpace relationship.

“When Facebook first started, most online users preferred MySpace because all of their friends were on it, and they didn’t have as much initiative to move to Facebook. Over time, though, people started preferring Facebook’s simplified profile over the MySpace’s congested look. Now that Facebook is adding more gadgets and making more profile changes, will Facebook be the next MySpace if Google+ gets off the ground?” Hansen said.

KQ hopes that this Google Plus contest will help increase the number of +1’s that their Google+ profile receives, regardless of which social media platform is more popular at the moment. To participate, a Google+ user can visit KQ’s Google+ profile home page and click the +1 button at the top while logged into their Gmail account.

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