Private Health Insurance Coverage

Kaiser Permanente offers private health insurance as an alternative to purchasing medical coverage through an employer. Job-based insurance is a great perk unless the premium and/or the plans offered do not fit your needs. Here are a few advantages to choosing private health insurance:

  • If you apply for Kaiser Permanente private health insurance through Covered California, you may qualify for tax credits that reduce your premium and your share of costs for medical services. On group plans, rates are not commensurate to an individual’s income and there is no potential for reduced cost sharing.
  • Getting private health insurance coverage allows you to choose the health plan that best matches your family’s medical needs.
  • If you enroll with the carrier directly, as opposed to going through Covered California, you will have an additional four plans to choose from that are offered only through Kaiser Permanente. Also, you may purchase dental insurance to supplement your medical plan.
  • On private health plans, you may include anyone who is included on your tax filing. If you can claim someone on your tax return, you may also include them on your health insurance application, if you wanted to.
  • When you enroll for Kaiser Permanente private health insurance, you may stay on the plan even if you don’t stay on the job. So, if you switch jobs or no longer qualify for benefits, your health plan is not affected.

To view an info-graph of how health insurance was formerly handled, click: Private Health Insurance Info-graphic.